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    • Hello dear all, after a long time of rush around different solutions I finally figure it out how to hard brick Indian le max x900 (note hard brick means ur phone is completely dead no charging,no restart,  no fastboot etc....becoz of may be wrong rom flashing) 1. Install qualcom driver and latest qpst 2.7 (link: https://androiddatahost.com/np4wq)(qualcomm driver present in qfil file for x800 link in step4) 2. Installed qpst will be present at c:/program files(x86)/qualcomm/qpst/bin....inside it find qfil flashing application...open it 3. connect ur dead indian le max to computer and see if qualcomm usb driver can detect it(u may notice qfil flashing appln will also show some com no connected)....if u r unsuccessful just press both volume key/or power key and both vol key at a time for around 1 min when phone is connected to pc. (in any case u failed no big issue try to install it manually by searching in google, well I have used win10 and it simply worked for me) 4. Download the qfil file for x800 and extract it somewhere, it also have qualcomm driver inside it so once extracted install that driver too (link: https://mega.nz/#!G0ozxZwb!vowHBNjQGC1AtVOx2ThrWpYt6yHEnAACFvq90XDF4n0)....actually i tried qfil for x900,x1, line brush tutorials etc but none of those worked for me and x800 aks le 1 pro have the same processor so it can make x900 alive....sahara error all the time... ( a big thx to UNBRICK X800 X900 Started by mxmax) 5. if all done correctly u can see ur dead indian lemax phone connected to qualcomm mode with some com no, that u can notice in qfil flashing appln. 6.in the flashing appln select Flat Build,                                          in browse select ur extracted qfil x800 folder (path\qfil x800\x1_na_dvt1_fastboot\prog_emmc_firehose_8994_lite.mbn,                                          in load xml select rawprogram_unsparse (present inside folder x1_na_dvt1_fastboot)....after that patch0 that automatically comes,                                         than finally click on download....u can see process started and once completed exit it. 7. So now ur phone have qfil of x800 flashed, try to boot it by pressing power button for 1 min.....u can see blue led blinked and ur phone start to boot (if not means ur phone's battery is very less simply connect it with charger by pressing power button u can see phone starts to show orange led flashing after some time....ie it start charging) 8. once it start in step 7 the phone show chinese letv logo...but it doesn't boot becoz it is for x800 not x900....phone simply tries to boot again and again...so once the phone start to reboot by itself simply press power button and vol down key at a time....u can see small penguin that means ur phone is in fastboot mode. 9. its time now to install twrp 3.0 to ur x900 connected to pc in fastboot mode(link: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=24533103863139522)...simply install twrp from link extract it open the twrp installer appln ....and install it by pressing backspace key that u find during instrution)....great thing about twrp recovery is it can charge ur phone too while connected to power source. 10.So after step 9 ur phone should be in twrp 3.0 recovery mode....u can see internal storage of it shows in pc of around 10 gb not 52 gb.....so inside twrp\wipe\format data...type yes, and advanced wipe select all and wipe......once done u have 52 gb avail in internal storage that u can see in ur pc too. 11. put indian version any rom inside ur internal storage and flash it...once done ur phone will successfully rebooted links for roms are below...simply download any as per ur choice          https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6m-wM0vYiL8U0U4cUhUM2NlMGc/view (this is stock 12s rom)         https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=24533103863139959  (this is also stable 12s rom made bu cuoco with extra settings and dolby presinstalled)         http://evolutionletvx900.blogspot.in/   (this will give u link for 12s and 13s rom which have nova and google launcher preinstalled)     flash any rom and if any any file after flashed make big vibrate ur phone with blue led on...don't panic...simply press power button for long time it will reboot ur phone A big thx to memerbers of leeco.re for proving international support for leeco becoz it had gone from India, and I request u to make support for Indian x900 also since we cant able to install eui 5.8 based roms....tried to install several roms by deleting lines for check in update-script...even though it installed make it brick/dea again...so plz help for android 6   
    • I can't install fonts it gives me error over and over . @tora33 but sure thanks for your efforts really appreciate
    • I install Pokemon GO at my Le max 2 but it doesn't work, says that my cellphone is incompatible...I am a big fan of the game and I don't wanna to change my cellphone again, plz help
    • yigitcan97, best work, thank you. Only wiped system, installed your rom, no verífy encrypt and supersu at last. Everything works fine :)
    • Soon. I have no idea on the exact date.
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