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  2. My phone keeps crashing with every rom I have installed, can you pls advise what can I do to stop it from crashing, I am currently on 26s, I have deleted all davik, cache, system and data including internal storage and still have this problem. I am going to try this rom in the next 30 mins and see if it does the same.
  3. Good morning Pete, can you pls tell me how you get the icons below the slider in your pixel launcher? Thanks for your Rom.
  4. How can I install applications on it? such as viber eetc..Can I install google apps too?
  5. Today
  6. Hello everyone, getting around the forum xda i found this ROM eui 26s somebody tried it? https://forum.xda-developers.com/le-max-2/development/lex2x820-cn-5-9-026s-t3597041
  7. I still have a problem with "waiting for a wifi" in play store. Did anyone know way to solve this problem? It's quite annoying to me, cause i'm using mobile data plan as my default on mobile...
  8. The ROM is fast and smooth but i have FC on WhatsApp when i try to chance the profile picture. Any solution?
  9. This is already a nice ROM but I'm missing the good translation. Unfortunately a bit weird for me as an Austrian if the system no Ä Ü Ö or ß can show. I then found no letters like in the screenshots.
  10. So, Go to Recovery mode (Power + Vol +). Then: Wipe -> Advenced Wipe -> Select Dalvik, Cache, System and Data (without Internal storage) -> Swipe to Wipe Then install rom: (Back, Back, Back) -> Install -> Found Rom file (VIP- 2-MIUI8.4.22.zip) -> Swipe to confirm Flash And wait (10 - 15 minutes, good to plug in charger) You should get clean OS. I am waiting for a message from you
  11. Hi, my friend, I want to know how to do the le x620 ROM and what is it?
  12. I'm trying it now..... tell me what about the battery consumption?....do you mean wipe?
  13. Install gmllt's manual gapps pack It should be located in "apps" subforum EDIT: Here's the link Manual gapps
  14. after installing the rom my camera became a 12mpx one, where s the problem?
  15. options for custom notification sound?
  16. Hi I updated today. Now The Playstore does not work. I tried to install it new but the installation was not executed. Does anybody have Help? Greetings Thadx
  17. MULTI

    Connected to another Mac and all ok. The problem is that when I connect to my mac at home it charges only and no USB options jump up...
  18. Any .apk for add leeco account on other rom's? I want to try this rom , but i want to keep my wifi pass, sms, calls etc etc on new rom... Thanks
  19. buenas noches en todas las actualizaciones no esta funcional la opcion A una Mano esto se puede corregir, esta función es muy útil ya que el celular es grande y así lo puedes usar con una sola mano
  20. Yup, there's all of what you mentioned. Except I haven't tried IR because I don't use it .
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