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  2. Write in english, please. Battery not so good, camera is already good. Already stable for daily use. Bateria não tão boa, câmera está boa. Já é estável para uso diário.
  3. Sorry Install the App dont helps.... There ist no calendar Store in your Rom.
  4. Is everything okay, or does it have a problem to solve?
  5. My gsm disconnected himself and reconnect, no reason. Is it the same for you?
  6. Today
  7. Yes my Friend.
  8. Does it support portuguese brazil?
  9. Unpack the zip with password maks232723 , put your phone in fastboot mode with Volume- and Power. Then use Flash.bat to flash the rom, just read the first topic from Aurel. If there are problems read this thread for answers !
  10. I did several time as ur suggested process but same When I set Language and continue then Insert Sim Card.....Screen.....How actually can I pass this page?? Help, Thanks! VID_20170225_232227.3gp
  11. Hello Guys ! I have a problem with my leeco LE2 pro X620 with wifi. Once connected to the network does not have the internet and on your computer and laptop is. After resetting the router is the internet but when you disconnect from the network is still no internet. It became a day-to-day. I am currently using rom: http://www.leeco.re/topic/2158-romx62020s12gb01-feb-2017ligera/ thought it was wine rom but 3 times I installed the system and did wipe all but it did not help and continue experiencing this problem. Can you help?
  12. dear Sir Bossie12 can you explain step by step how to flash it/ upgrade it to that ROM Above, I'm very newbie in here and give appreciated to master in this forum i have downloaded TWRP 3.0.2-0-x1.img & link above (Le One Pro (US ) - International V.2.0) I have Le Eco Le 1 Pro US Version online shop from TD https://www.tinydeal.com/letv-le-1-pro-55-2k-snapdragon-810-4gb-ram-64gb-rom-4g-phone-p-159276.html My phone rooted using SU, and succesfully installed TWRP 3.0.2-0-x1 my PC is 64 bit, what should i do now ? reason to upgrade ROM : my device stop charging at 10-30 %, sometimes can and sometimes can't charge (unplugged itself), contained malware adclient and can't remove ( i just lock it using AF+ to firewalled it), email contacted with no response from seller or official Le Eco many thanks to the answer/solution
  13. Ok the first thing they have done a great job with this ROM many congratulations is great. Second, I found some errors with the use of this, I do not know if it is a lot of help but I think it is worth mentioning. 1. From time to time the screen will blink even if the automatic brightness is off. 2. To update the ROM (In my case, I do not know if I happened to another) I had to wipe because if I updated it without more the Play Store was not compatible and the Root did not appear and Xpoced did not work either. 3. The screen recording does not work, and I do not see something so necessary to be inside the ROM, in my opinion. Third, they do a great job and I hope they continue to work for improvement, thank you very much for this great work. PS, there are some others but they are small I think that with an optimization are solved, apart I do not mention the camera because it is the problem that is known. Also I do not read that someone misses the capture of photos with the fingerprint reader. I have some problem with the update V33,
  14. The topic is already highlighted as special, this will make the thread easier to be seen. Enjoy.
  15. Yesterday
  16. No source for X800 US :'(
  17. Thies rom is awsome. The only Problem ist the battery drain. Did you notice heavy drain?
  18. X620
  19. 4h till upload to mega is finished, maybe your are faster, Peter?
  20. Hello friends, use ROM for 24 hours, and I can say it works very smoothly and quickly. Everything on the phone working. Camera too - front and rear video and photo. The only problem remains the battery, which continues to stand less than a ROM bb72. I am with x620.
  21. here we go http://g3.letv.cn/214/42/69/letv-hdtv/0/upload/tmp/20161221104721349/FULL_X6-CN-FN-HEXCNFN5902012151S-5.9.020S.zip?b=123456&platid=5&splatid=500
  22. thank you and see then how it will behave. if anything I'll try the new install.
  23. kingoftf Do you have x625 or x620 ? P.S. I have x625 device with 21 MP camera
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