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  4. 4) You need to install a fast boot rom..... fast boot rom
  5. He could leave me the dowwnload link of the latest available version of this Miui?
  6. For me the Pixel launcher is much better than Nova, using it in the 23s right now.
  7. HE should work on V5, V4 is obsolete whenever it will be published.
  8. Muchas gracias. Me alegro que os guste. Estoy trabajando en la 26S06.141 y la tengo casi lista. En cuanto la pruebe un poco para ver que todo vaya bien, la subo a mega. El Launcher de Google es el que he elegido para esta nueva ROM. Os dejo unas capturas para que la veáis
  9. after qfil unbrick my internal storage seen 9gb after format sd card ıts show 32gb but there is some problem real stiation its have 10gb system file its too big after search google i find normal contition leeco ramdump file 4096kb but my phone rumdump file 4194304kb its very big (that is size my phone lost size) i try in trwp format data and wipe.. vs but no one help me. anyone know how to format hole internal storage or change ramdump size ?
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