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  3. because all the roms that are available have the battery consumption so high, the cel is only active and never hibernates!
  4. So I was really salty about the phone being on a shop ROM. Got my phone today, videotaped my unboxing and of course, it doesn't pass SafetyNet. Can't use Android Pay, can't install Netflix because it doesn't even show up in the Play Store. But the one app I was desperate to use on the phone---Fate Grand Order---works just fine. Even though it didn't work on the last custom ROM I tried on a phone while unrooted. Huh. This game is more forgiving than I thought! Too bad Android Pay isn't. I'm gonna beg and pray that future updates won't kill compatibility. I bought this phone to be a gaming/MP3 device, after all. Phone is on eUI 5.8 (20s). No weird 5.920s here. Shame it doesn't pass SafetyNet, or it'd be the perfect phone for Canadians since it has the 3G HSPA bands we need for it to work on Freedom Mobile. Really rare to find a nicely-specc'd Chinaphone with 1700 3G AWS. It also recognized my Koodo SIM + APN settings instantly. No hardware issues so far. No fingerprint/screen issues or weird unofficial ROM errors yet. I'm also rather impressed by the screen, which I thought would suck. It's on par with flagships. Really crisp and nice. Time to remove all the bloatware and maybe monitor its traffic to see which apps are sending what back to China.
  5. MTK

    I installed a rom that installed twrp 3.1.1 and not knowingly I used fastboot reboot and my phone is bricked, do you know how to fix it?
  6. Yesterday
  7. After this procedure the cell phone is still just the initial screen
  8. AOSP

    Would you please explain how to do it?
  9. For releasing the latest security patches we must have kernel sources. That means it can't be done. So far we haven't from leEco news about that..
  10. Agradeceria si alguien me pudiera pasar el apk de Leeco music y Leeco Gallery gracias
  11. I have good signal access points all day and also disable it when I do not use it. the public notification is off but the problem continues u.u Hi. I have this problem with this ROM the battery is drained by the wi-fi signal any solution?
  12. Hi. I have this problem with this ROM the battery is drained by the wi-fi signal any solution?
  13. AOSP

    Yes, xposed does this.
  14. I used this guide to install PC USB Drivers: https://forum.xda-developers.com/elephone-m2/help/windows-10-mtk-vcom-usb-drivers-32-64-t3267033 Then i followed the guide in the video and it worked.
  15. MULTI

    Are this rom support volte and fingerprint
  16. AOSP

    Can I add the left button menu of the stock rom to this rom?
  17. methode 4 not work for me, my storage still 10gb
  18. Hi all, Any solution to recover the lecco le2 pro x620 helio phone after runing "fastboot reboot"? The phone do not enter in fastboot or recovery mode! Please help
  19. AOSP

    If you have good signal to your access point then should not be doing this. If no WiFi then turn off. Make sure public notification is off
  20. How you unbrick it i try the video and cant the phone is still on red light maybe as said here need diff driver anyone can link the right drivers please for x626 thx
  21. AOSP

    Disable wifi,battery life is very good,better than other roms
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