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  2. transaction massage??? Sounds sexy! Maybe you have different email account for contact and PayPal... Have you specified PayPal account email to him?
  3. You removed the status bar battery percentage? Because it is not so good. When using Pixel Launcher, it just stays white in the app grid, not changing colors like other incons in the status bar. We can add manually percentage using SystemUI Tuner.
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  5. Both dual sim and camera are working (opencamera works fine, but it may cause you some trouble with flash, coz is not syncronized properly) i had no problem with dualsim, for me it works fine..
  6. Yes, I can not script that and forever will be told the dialer is broken. Much like browsers I will leave the one there and people can change if they want.
  7. You need to swipe the dialer to the home screen. Its workin. @Kangburra
  8. @Francesco Salistrari , yes , settings=>app management=>in the end chinese...>disable
  9. screen wrong direction when auto-rotating enabled wipe all data cache system /reset install original rom and cutom rom but not fix maybe GSensor problem, gsensor test apk: reports an angle of 270 when I turn it 90° clockwise and it reports 90 when I turn it 90°counter clockwise. I assume it's supposed to be the other way round?
  10. Progress so far, Pixel Launcher installed. Dobly installed. Dialer not working. incoming call FC. I am not going to worry on this for now. I am going to try the BT pairing problem as that is a major pain for me.
  11. I tested camera and screen cast with chromecast, and everything was ok.
  12. and what about the dual sim.. is it working.. by that i meant the calling function.. because in RR rom i am not able to make a call from sim 1.. the call automatically redirects to sim 2.. @tora33 dude i need your input.. hope you may help
  13. Strange bug with snap camera, not all options are working with AOSP or lineage, fully working only when using Stock ROM. Macro for example. But it's not your fault.
  14. They have solved the problem that the camera does not open?
  15. New multilanguage X800_20s download
  16. Yes, men, I'm sure i sent it to right person , i have transaction massage and screenshot with my payment. But i still don't have any massages in my email and in private massages on the forum too.
  17. Works for me also now,only thing im missing is dolby i managed to install one but the quality is not great maybe kangburra can add the dolby in next version.
  18. You got to be kidding really.. but seriously. I made a donation yesterday and got the link within 5 min via e-mail. Are you sure you sent it to right person..
  19. Dear tora33, with the answer, but I have to contradict. The Flash on arrival Of the calls and text messages do not disable this feature through in "accessibility", because the function is already disabled. Rather, it is due to an app installed it yourself (which is called com.holiestar.flashoncall) inserted in the system and to disable the annoying flash, you must disable / uninstall this app. Therefore, dear tora33, look to the "problem" is caused by this application in the system. I say this for the benefit of the other users who want to turn off the flash and we have not yet succeeded. Best wishes and thank you again for the wonderful Rom.
  20. @georgebou , I prefer Upgraded -improved - tweaked 20s not official , or 23s New multilanguage X800_20s , uploading ...... how to intall :In recovery, select the rom and follow the installation instructions , like Max2 and Pro3 aroma installing screenshots
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  22. Certo, il wipe cache io l'ho fatto
  23. I've just installed the version from the 21st, writing right now from the phone with this build. The sound works fine in calls, and with headphones, but not the speaker, I cannot listen anything when I have activated the speaker during the call. Attached the screenshot with kernel. I'll do a couple more checks and change back to the previous ROM and this is my only phone right now.
  24. Tora33 i just moved back from official because it was more battery consuming than 17s of cuocco. That's why i am asking. I am 100% sure that your ROM is solid and i know you are good on this from our Greek forum The question is if 0.23 base is better I will test it soon but i want to know if the original ROM 0.23s is better than 0.20s p.s. Συνεχισε την καλη δουλεια φίλε. Το κειμενο επάνω τό εγραψα αγγλικα για κα καταλαβαινουν και τα άλλα παιδια τι λεμε
  25. Hi, sorry for me English. Yes, I got the US version and the phone booted, but only if I install your build from the 9th of march, if I only install your latest one the phone does not boot, it's stuck on the lineage, previously on android letters. This is the screenshot form the actual kernel, the functional one, I'll try to install the version form the 21st later tonight, if not tomorrow morning and provide the screenshot requested, and also I'll check the sound. I can say the phone displays battery as if phone is charging all time. Thank you!
  26. It has!
  27. The camera has no 4k?
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