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  2. MULTI

    Connected to another Mac and all ok. The problem is that when I connect to my mac at home it charges only and no USB options jump up...
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  4. Any .apk for add leeco account on other rom's? I want to try this rom , but i want to, my wifi pass, sms, calls etc etc.. Thanks
  5. buenas noches en todas las actualizaciones no esta funcional la opcion A una Mano esto se puede corregir, esta función es muy útil ya que el celular es grande y así lo puedes usar con una sola mano
  6. Yup, there's all of what you mentioned. Except I haven't tried IR because I don't use it .
  7. I am sorry. I will create a flashable zip to make it easier to install.
  8. Yesterday
  9. I downloaded and I tried to install t .but I didn't succeed! help!!
  10. anyone else having problem with Netflix. errors all the time and playback is like 720 or something below that.Also when you charge with device off have some weird blue status battery? thank you
  11. Yes it has no bugs so far. Dev Tool working perfectly. Easy to debloat. Very smooth! Wazls and VIP 's ROM are almost the same.
  12. That's the ROM Testing it for a few days (17.4 version), probably best MIUI I've tried so far. This guy makes some legit ROMs. Thanks for upload Pete
  13. Mega Link Source Author: excellence VIP Basic Information Applicable models Forum support reproduced please consciously indicate the source! BUG submitted to the Qiuqiu Yang: 521278460 or click on the bottom of the two-dimensional code sweep Disclaimer: 1) The ROM has been tested in my own. 2) Please be sure to ensure that the battery power in more than 60% and ensure that the computer during the brush machine will not power. 3) Brush is at risk, please carefully read the relevant brush machine tutorial and bear the risk of brush machine, I and the forum does not assume any responsibility for any failure of the brush machine. 4) I do not own ROM and the copyright of the software, please study and study for the purpose of legitimate use. 5) prohibit any team (personal) for the so-called secondary optimization, modification or re-packaging and other acts. 6) I hereby certify that the use of ROM does not provide any warranty, does not guarantee the suitability of the ROM for any user, does not guarantee trouble-free production; nor any user to use this ROM encountered any theoretical or actual loss Take responsibility. 7) I am developing this ROM completely out of personal needs and interests, such as the use of the process encountered a bug and other issues please rational feedback, I have decided to repair and repair methods, time and so on. ROM instructions Authorization is supersuced with supersu Like to tear, you can add me, no need to use other means to show your incompetence, I do not eat this set Advanced settings extract bitch, please consciously explain the source! Do not want to call you one scold ROM introduction According to the provisions of the law pre-installed can be uninstalled, so this package to join the promotion uninstall: re manager access, enter the system / bin to find 1VIP.sh, click on the implementation of the click - restart can be deleted Add Dolby. Modify the default cpu logic Update MIUI's latest kernel parameters Default king glory high frame rate Recording fingerprints are supported HD calls are available MIUI update from the start with the game to speed up, yes Apk optimized Lightly streamlined, ultra-stable experience Shipped large Do not kill the background No advertising Various optimization Deep freeze Advanced settings important function code implementation, non-apk power consumption stacking. Add only utilities Play the king glory, open the nuclear full! Overall frame rate smooth, smooth operation! Self-feeling is still possible Support avatar double open Do not want to introduce more, introduced more than a brush! Basic sound quality has been added Support init.d Themes, permissions have been cracked This package has done a relatively partial streamlining, not your intended, do not brush Advanced settings new version, MIUI style: Not introduced more Upgrade advanced settings, MIUI style Added multiple features Power menu Suspension Assistant DPI settings WIFI view CPU core control Time to switch Animation switch Desktop layout switch Team Other etc Other resources 3-MIUI8 Exclusive x exposure card Brush: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1boSFLj5 Precautions 4.4 above the ROM, USB debugging open mode: click on the settings - on the machine inside the version number 5 times, and then return to the Settings - Developer Options which can be seen, connect the computer before the check box inside the developer mode check USB debugging If you need to delete the input method, please install the other input method before the deletion and set the default Reference screenshots
  14. I have followed this guide http://www.leeco.re/topic/1340-urgent-x800-no-turn-on-after-fastboot-process-rom/#comment-16385 to unbrick my x800 leeco cn 32gb device but it gives me an error wich says that phone is not in firehose mode and it can't send the NOP. Any idea how i can make it work? I have tried many qfil versions but its still the same. Thank in advance.
  15. I always have the same problem with every EUI ROM: location services or GPS are not able to get the actual position in, for example, weather apps. But navigation is working without any problems. This not happens with other ROMs like AOSP, only with EUI. Has anybody an idea to fix this? Thanks in advance!
  16. Yes cannot switch so it's enabled only
  17. You may want to try this MIUI if you use Whatsup. Testing it for a few days already and for me it's best release so far. Whatsup is working flawlessly (at least for me) and it's very smooth.
  18. le max 2 x829

    I am looking for a stock rom with OTA that supports the language Nederlands ? Anyone who can tell me which version I need ?
  19. Google Installer for me like butter, clicking Start in Google Installer and 3...2....1.. complete without any problems, Battery seems to be ok now after a few hours of use. No drain at all. Tested Stagefright Detector, no issues at all.
  20. thank you very much. the rom is epic fast charge is always on?
  21. Lineage v49 is the last made, see post #1. Since then AOSP ROM has been worked up to v144 but in another thread.
  22. When i post a story from a picture of the gallery and write a text have FC in the app. Is a small bug. Isn't important.
  23. v49 is the latest or v99? I'm confused
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