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  2. Try this in a terminal: adb shell "setprop persist.sys.language it; setprop persist.sys.country IT; setprop ctl.restart zygote"
  3. I solved the problem with the recovery. Now the ROM don't let me configurate the fingerprint unlock. Don't recognize it. Other things are totally operative and works fast and smooth. Tnxs for your work pete80pro.
  4. This Lineage OS 13 ROM come with chinese TWRP which will run over your existing TWRP. (I do not like this.) After installation, you arrive in Lineage OS in Chinese. (English would be a much better.) Choosing the English language and everything becomes easier. - You need to disable some Chinese bloatware. (This really is not necessary to be here.) - Then download and install Google or AOSP keyboard for a more comfortable feeling. (This should be by default.) Lineage OS 13 ROM is running fluently. P.S. Kangburra and graineeg need to improve this ROM for all of us.
  5. Yesterday
  6. CM13

    Try other ROM. LineageOS looks pretty stable, but Camera sucks. This CM13 has better camera, even not being so stable.
  7. CM13

    Bad issue: i cant fine my bluetooth speaker in the bluetooth menu !! I've already flashed the BT_headset.zip.. Any tips ? Its kind of a big deal form me cause as u know this phone got no headphone jack !!!
  8. Hi Friend, Do have you LeEco Max Pro X910 Phone's Rom ? or Can you take TWRP Recovery Backup of X910 phone and send me? I too need X910 Phone's Rom. I can't found this rom. Thank you. my mail : avsalih@hotmail.com
  9. Hi Friends, I have LeTv Max Pro X910 Phone. I need Offical Rom or Costum Rom or TWRP Backup for LeEco LTv X 910. My Phone can open Fatboot mode and Recovery Mode. My Rom has been deleted. But I can't found Offical or Custom or TWRP Recovery Backup. I need Offical Rom or Costum Rom or TWRP Backup for LeEco LTv X 910. Can yours Upload this rom? Thank you.
  10. Nice ROM. But Camera is horrible! @graineeg camera is far better than this one. Everything else is good. Stable, no bugs so far.
  11. Where do I find the "Settings Camera" from Screenshot? Ok, I´ve got it, swipe right while using camera
  12. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.paget96.lspeed
  13. I've got the same problem now and then. But which app is meant by Ispeed ? What's the name of the developer, maybe that will help to find in in the Play Store? Or is a link possible? But, if you meant Lspeed, which network settings do I have te enable then in which menu?
  14. @aurel Hi,the rom is perfect but can you add the italian language?
  15. miui8_lemax2_7.2.7_20s_tora33 I'll test the rom and i'll upload it later on.... multilingual : look here the languages , (in hidden....) if you want : Create Mi Account : https://account.xiaomi.com/pass/register Thahks to : source , miui eu , miui gr , MiCode , nian.....
  16. 480DPI is standard. You can try 360 but i dont give any guarantee.
  17. I would wipe everything except internal storage. For clean install.
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