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  16. Hi Torra , thanks for your job , are great
  17. Please, if you want, show your gratitude to @Lachrymist, not to me. He/she is a sort of mentor for us! Really satisfied of this ROM...even if I'm now facing the "missing notification auto-closing" app problem (Whatsapp, Mail and other apps victims of "energy saving" process).
  18. on 4pda there are 2 different JUI ROMs, the old version (no tried and no clue how it works) and the new one: here's the new one (tested and working smoothly by the most on this thread). I think the "p1.cpb, p2.cpb" is an early version, maybe a beta...we should check on 4pda.
  19. Thank You, it works
  20. The JUI Rom posted here is the same JUI Rom posted in the 4PDA forum or it is newer than the 4PDA Rom ? May I flash the Rom posted here just after flashing the P1.CPB & the P2.CPB ? Thank you. Luigi
  21. Can not login leceo le account server error occurred.
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