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  2. I have new ROM added in post #1. Please try and let me know problems.
  3. If you clear internal storage, there's no system left you can flash.
  4. Today
  5. Greeting Chechapet, many thanks for your response if I delete system, data and cache, cn you pls confirm that I would not have any problems with the install, also will clearing up of the system it will not delete my photos etc. Thanks again
  6. I can not open the power button. I do not open it. I opened it with twrp. I loaded the rom screen. Instead of the install app, it finished 3-4 times and reset it and it came at the same time.
  7. hi,sorry for no reply before now,i have the same apk and at home the fingerprint is gone,maybe there is an error because flashing a lot of rom,i don't know grrrrrrr ps:i want to have a clear phone,can i wipe internal storage without problem of course i would make a backup before,sorry for all my questions but i don't know what to do,thanks....
  8. Hi friend, I have the same perception, but I will wait a few more hours to confirm. It seems to me that our Master Cook kangburra is preparing a new stew. We will have to try it. Greetings.
  9. Am I wrong, or was the system overall in V99 smoother as in V107? What do you think?
  10. Everything indicates that the installation was defective. I suggest you do it again, applying "full wipe", except the Internal Memory. It can help you to carefully check the directories / folders that you have in your internal memory and to eliminate from there those that can generate problems, such as those related to baidu, tencent, etc. Greetings.
  11. I have activated the Navigation Bar without problem. Editing the build.prop is very simple, but it can be complicated if the appropriate editor is not used. I suggest you try again by editing: qemu.hw.mainkeys = 1, the value must be "0" I wish you success.
  12. How can i learn rom developing ?
  13. Features this Rom? EUI5.9_23s_Pro3 thanks.
  14. It's a new version?
  15. Well i tried to flash cyanogen, i had a normale rom , i wiped everything then tried to flash signal 7 ... wipe again and tried to flash again same thing , and whenever i try to flash any rom same message appears ... i can only bot on recovery but nothing else ... please help :'(
  16. Yesterday
  17. I cant edit build.prop to activate virtual keys. The phone didnt save the changes. Any suggestion?
  18. Thanks Kangburra for a fantastic Rom for our Leeco @ pro X625, I am having the following issues and was wondering if there is anyone out there having the same problems. Problem 1: my phone reboots several times a day, mainly when I get a phone call. I have installed done a fresh install of the rom and have done 3 times - still the same problem. Is there a fix for this??? Problem 2: It charges approx 5% in an hour - is there a faster way of charging.?? Thanks again for a great Rom.
  19. X900
  20. Hy! Hungaryan langual? Or multi langual?
  21. Here too, no problems with Xposed.
  22. i don't know, camera works fine on my X800Cn ( except flash wich is not syncronized well, as i said before). Wich phone are you using? X900?
  23. No problem with xposed here.
  24. Yes, its the framework. Please install the xposed.apk from link above, than it will work
  25. Fingerprint no problem..........
  26. yes it installs without problem,it's active too,and after give permission to the moduls i reboot,and after that,fingerprint doesn't work.... ps:i explain how i do,i instal apk,i reboot in recovery and flash xposed-v87-sdk23-arm64.zip,i verify if active and let's go but fingerprint dissapear.... yes i took the same
  27. If I can do anything, just let me know, i have no knowledge to cook...But i can try any new build!
  28. I don't use this I used from this link the last version v87-sdk23-arm64 http://dl-xda.xposed.info/framework/sdk23/arm64/
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