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  1. @lacoste look here
  2. Hello everybordy I need language screen from Indian 19s rom please http://forum.le.com/in/eui_detail.html?euiid=210
  3. MULTI

    @deiwid63 can you add languague from indian 19s http://forum.le.com/in/eui_detail.html?euiid=210
  4. MULTI

    @deiwid63 you're welcome if you have better answers
  5. Look here it's better https://www.kimovil.com/fr/ou-acheter-leeco-cool1
  6. MULTI

    @Shobhit 1/ This is "Unofficial" CM13 = Chinese Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 port rom to Le 1s = No fingerprint 2/ You need to find developper have time and want work free on the old model 3/ Now Le 1s is old all people work on Le 2 or Le Max 2 4/ In 5 month you have new model (many developper work on new model) 5/ Option 1 : You can sell your Le 1s and buy Le 2 if you want fingerprint with CM 13/AOSP/Android Pure 6/ Option 2 : If you like Fingerprint use EUI
  7. MULTI

    The dream is beautifull today No Fingerprint forever on Le 1s , do not hope, you can forget.
  8. Download No Fingerprint forever on Le 1s Bing translate 12.03 First Edition Edition Synchronize the latest source code, Wake gestures Bluetooth (send and receive files, Bluetooth headset is normal) Camera (photo, video, HDR is normal) The call (called normal) Text messaging (send and receive normal) Infrared normal Support the fast charge Normal soft solutions Integrated flat theme CyanogenMod 13 Android-6.0.1_r74 the latest source on the basis of the following localization: source
  9. I think cuoco need to mix 419D translate for the base and add complement language And we have a perfect translate
  10. It's possible to keep stock language by defaut ? or add 419D 22 languages + cuoco 18s language in complement ?
  11. Hello @CrisBalGreece The French language of all stock rom (19s indian, 21s, 419D) is better than [CrisBalGreece] Indian 19s version For next rom, i think you can keep stock 419D or 21s language and add other language keep (22) languages 99% translate from stock 419D and add other in complement (58) 30% translate % of translate stock vs CrisBalGreece] Indian 19s [CrisBalGreece] Indian 19s_UnEncrypted, french translate 30% Indian 19s stock , french traduction 99,5% 21s = french translate 99,9% 419D = french translate 99,9% 22 languages by defaut on 419D look :
  12. Download EUI 5.8 18s > EUI 5.9 20s beta > EUI 5.9 21s beta > EUI 5.9 419D Last version S = Stable version E = Experimental version D = Developper version (like MIUI) E change name to D D = the last or next rom of EUI Attention, if you install this rom, you loose all your data ! source