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  1. BB72

    I have had no problems with wifi or 4g connection , everything is running ok. The only thing I hate about this rom is the launchers that it has in the rom. Leave just the Google launcher and exclude the hola and apex launcher. These can always be installed from google store. Leave things simple don´t complicate.
  2. What do you need us to do? Do you want a print screen of the menus were the translation needs to be done?
  3. Hi, can someone tell me how to install a dowloaded theme on my Letv 1s? I am using bb72 rom 5.5.008s. After I download the theme it is a zip file and I don´t know what to do next. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Yes I have installed this rom and problem solved. Thanks.
  5. BB72

    Hi , just updated looks great going to test for a day or two will come back with feedback. Keep up the great work.
  6. Cannot enter data management menu always force closes. I have multilanguage europe EUI rom 5.5.007S(STABLE) Any solution to resolve this?
  7. Can anyone tell me how to restore the stock lockscreen image on a Letv 1s? I changed the image and now I cannot restore it.
  8. Hi , nice to meet you. I have been testing a lot of chinese mobiles lately and the Letv 1s surprised me by the high quality build and great finish. It has all the carecteristics of a premium device at a great price. I bought it about two weeks ago and I must say it is better than a Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 prime which I had for about a week and then sold it. The Letv 1s Os is interesting and is very easy to work with. I have the multilanguage version which has Portuguese but it needs work , once you go down into the settings its all english. Thats why I am willing to help with the translation to make this an even greater experience. In response to your questions: 1. I am using Nos and Vodafone and have had no problems with 4g at all. It has good reception and great call sound quality from both the earspeaker and main speaker. 2. For a 3000 mAh battery it give me 2 days of average use definetly will give tou a full day of heavy usage like games and social apps. 3. I have tried to to use the media app but it doesnt seem to work here in europe does not open the movies or music. 4. Up to this moment I have had no problems that I can say were annoying. We don´t have the ir blaster working so no remote as of yet . Maybe in the next update. Just one how do I get the stock wallpaper on my lock screen It was so great and now I cant get it back. 5. Camera quality is quite good. I have taken a few photos and will attach a few so you can see the quality. Video is also good , slow motion also. 6. This I must also add very good quality music player my sennheiser´s sound fabulous. Great bass and clear sound. If you ask me if I recomend this phone I would say yes. Its a great looking phone heads will turn and people will ask you , great phone is it the new iphone or samsung , this has happened to me. I just hope the Letv comunity starts growing and they update the roms for europe then this will great. Aqui tens umas imagens da minha cidade Braga. Abraço
  9. Hello , I have a Letv 1s and live in Portugal and would like to help in any way to translate to Portuguese . The phone is awsome and I would like to see it even better. Dedicated Letv fan.