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  1. Lineage

    Any chance for a mega download later tonigh??
  2. AOSP

    I had the same problem no wifi, are you able to change to static ip address for the wifi and see if this works.
  3. AOSP

    I had the same issue and tried uninstalling Google however the same issue appears again, I then cleared everything except OTG and reinstalled a full copy of 23S or 26 and then installed and did a fresh install of google and other Roms and it worked. Not sure why.
  4. It is the update from MEGA on page 4 by Kurgy just over 70mb. I am not able to install this as it fails half way.
  5. I have downloaded the latest update 26s_06111, but having trouble to install it fails each time I try. Is there any other method to install this 70MB update. Thanks
  6. Hi I have tried to install the update unfortunately it fails each time with the following: update ended with error:7, I tried to install the stock recovery given from above zip file, when starts in recovery it tried to install the update however fails in the middle. Is there another method to install the update. Thanks
  7. Have you updated the mega link as the date has not changed??
  8. Hi Diazabdulm and Kingoftf, I tried what had suggested above however I still do have the same issue with the phone it crashes several times a day. I have used different Roms with the same issue. I have to use static IP address for the WIFI as well otherwise I will not have any wifi. Any thoughts?? Cheers
  9. Many thanks Guys I will try it and report back. Cheers
  10. Can anyone help, I am having FC due to Google services, I have uninstalled and reinstalled Google Services and the same problem occurs, any there a fix for this??
  11. AOSP

    Hi Kang, I seem to be having FC after receiving a phone call if I call someone it does not reboot, is there anything I can do to eradicate it. Thanks
  12. AOSP

    Yes I did added DNS, Gateway and Ip address, all now working well. Not sure what caused the issue.
  13. AOSP

    Hi Kangburra I have resolved my WIFI issue, not sure why but the IP address was changed and the DHCP was not picking up the IP address automatically. I have now changed to static and it works. I thought I would give you this feedback to assist you in improving the ROM or maybe it is the hardware. Thanks again for your Rom. Keep up the good work. All the best. Pat