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  1. What are you flashing? Now it's right time to flash P3.CPB Hold on, are you flashing ROM with miflash? It's just for recovery! You have to use Coolpad Download Assistant for ROM image
  2. I'm sorry to hear that. For me everything now works almost perfectly, including Nova launcher. Android finds Nova as possible alternative to stock launcher and opens it automatically every time with home button, even it's not as default launcher, since there is no longer other option. Weird that don't work for you. Latest post on 4pda forum might be related to your problem. It's here. Basically there are a slightly different versions of Cool1. "Carlton" version is having problems with JUI. If I'll come across any solution, I'll let you know.
  3. If there is no Coolpad service center where you are at, then I have no idea where we can find spare usb socket. But did you try different usb cable? Those can break very easily and cause problems like this.
  4. I use WhatsApp. On WhatsApp video calling works fine. Why can't you follow the instructions on 4pda? Please, don't flash this ROM, I expect that you will have many more problems if you can't follow it yourself. BTW you don't need to touch P3 AT ALL if your phone is not bricked. And yes, you have to flash both - P1 and P2. Why you want to do it your own way if there are clear instructions? You should wait for final version from Coolpad. Yeah, it might be true about GPS but signal strength for me is good though. Regarding notifications problems and RAM managment. Make sure that it's whitelisted in Mobile Manager - Power manager - Background smart management (I know you already did it) and open recent screen, then pull down app what you want to stay open all the time. There must be a lock besides app icon. This might work. Works for me! This ROM should be in public beta stage soon. At least I hope so. Then a lot of glitches should be ironed out. Honestly, this ROM runs better than I expected for this stage. I'm not saying that there are no bugs, there are! I have most bloatware removed, maybe that helps for my battery life and better experience. You can! First (!) Install launcher you want. Then open TWRP recovery by 7to.cn, mount system partition [5th - purple icon and check System], go back to main screen, choose 6th option (blue) it's file manager. Go to /system/priv-app/ZsLauncher, when you are in ZsLauncher folder press blue icon on screen's right bottom part and press 6th option [644]. That will chmod 644 that folder. (I'm not deleting it, just in case) After you boot Android there should be new launcher. If something goes wrong, repeat same process but now chmod 755! Just be careful and don't chmod 644 wrong folder.
  5. NO! You most likely will brick your phone!
  6. It's not that bad. Even not close! I am very happy with it. Yes, there were some bloatware but you can remove it from TWRP file browser. Yes, RAM management is agressive but you can whitelist apps what you need in background all the time in Mobile Manager app. Yes, there are some glitches but for me there were many more on EUI. I'm getting very good battery life. http://imgur.com/a/iTsgI (13 hour since charge) And I'm listening Spotify for 3 hours with bluetooth earphones. Are you talking about whatsapp? You need to whitelist it in Mobile Manager - Power manager - Background smart management. That might solve problem. I'm surprised that you hate it. Yes, you need to do some tweeks yourself but that's expected for closed beta ROM. It's way more stable than I expected! @rajamit.raj03, Camera works fine, not sure for IR blaster, since I don't have where to test it but there is same app as EUI had. BUT I am not sure if this is usable for C103 (Indian version). I have C106.
  7. There is! Under last spoiler tag. Here is a link to google translated post from google translated 4pda: I flashed JUI and everything runs great for me! Keep in mind that this ROM is not TWRP flashable and you have to follow carefully instruction from 4pad forum.
  8. Have you tried to use different usb cable AND different charger? Any of them could be damaged and cause slow charging. I would suggest to use charger with at least 2.0A max current rating.
  9. It's made by Coolpad this time. Looks like it's available for anyone who want to test it. You have to be careful. This is just for testing. Here is a link from 4pda: http://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=776801&st=6240#entry61800473 Everything is there. Use google translate. Be very careful if you don't want to brick your phone. Or wait. From 4pda: ROLLING BACK TO EUI IS IMPOSSIBLE!!! At the moment. DO NOT FLASH IT IF YOU HAVE REPLACED LCD TO NON-ORIGINAL ONE! It might cause a brick!
  10. AFAIK, simple root removal won't help. You have to use stock ROM for that game.
  11. Thank you guys for trying to figure this out. I would love to get B20 band, since I'm in EU. When I'll have time, I'll put some effort in all this. I hope that this device is really physically capable. For example, Redmi Note 3 pro which is similar device have two versions: Redmi Note 3 Pro and Redmi Note 3 Pro Special Edition. Special Edition have B20:800 / B28:700 MHz support but it is also physically larger 150x76x8.65 vs 152x76x8.65. That makes me wonder about all this. But I hope that I'm wrong. http://i.imgur.com/FG0gDI4.png
  12. Looks like good news. I haven't tested it yet but it should be working. http://bbs.coolpad.com/thread-5826844-1-1.html http://bbs.ydss.cn/thread-846035-1-1.html A guy on 4pda forum posted a mirror: http://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=776801&st=5540#entry60728215 Looks promising!
  13. This ROM and other stock roms force encryption. If you want to disable it then you should use BB72 modded rom where forced encryption is disabled.
  14. Correct me if I'm wrong but afaik if anyone want OTA updates to work then you should use ROM what came from factory. I mean stock C103 rom on C103 or C106 rom on C106. Both phones are able to use others ROMs but OTA updates are delivered based on phone IMEI, so we won’t get OTA anyway on Chinese phones with C103 rom. Regardless of root.
  15. Since download link is very slow here is my mirror for a file that OP posted: https://goo.gl/M0ec0O I haven't tested it yet.