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  1. I guess everyone should ask them to release source code for our device. I already sent a while ago an email to sourcecode-request@le.com and asked in their forum for that but they deleted it lol. So, please everyone just ask them same way or via any social media to release source code. We should let them know that we need it!
  2. MULTI

    You can press on 3 dots in camera app and use "Slow Video" up to 4 times. It will record still at 30fps but it will be already slowed down 4 times. (4x = 120fps that sensor captures)
  3. Yea, looks like there is no quick charge. I'm using 5.3v 2A samsung charger from a tablet. It charges way faster than with charger it came with. In about 2 hours I'm able to get from 0 - 100%. That's not bad. Anyway I prefer lower current than qc2/3 cause I want my battery to last longer. Just keep in mind that while sceen is on it limits charging current to 500mA because of extra heat. Don't use it if you need to charge it faster.
  4. MULTI

    So, do you have a Cool1 (C106) or Cool Changer C1 (with one back camera and sd-card slot)? This ROM ir for Cool1 (C106).
  5. MULTI

    There is an update for this ROM. http://pan.baidu.com/s/1pL6iAr5 Mirror here I haven't tested this ROM myself
  6. Just have to keep in mind that all data won't be decrypted and will be lost. Backup important data first, of course. Also, stock ROM force encryption, if you don't need it you should use other rom (I suggest one from BB72TT).
  7. MULTI

    I can't really help with Pokemon Go but you might want to read this one. Unfortunately, simple unroot doesn't help. It's not really this ROM or device fault. Stock ROM might help.
  8. I haven't really tested this with Cool1 but through TWRP - advanced - ADB Sideload and flashing file from computer with ADB should work ("adb sideload file.zip") Also you can use usb flash drive.
  9. MULTI

    I don't really play this game but I think I read somewhere that it does not work on rooted devices (rom) because ppl fake their locations to cheat. I guess this might be a problem.
  10. No, I didn't mean ROM. I meant that you should try to flash this persist (it's not part of ROM) from TWRP (File provided by BB72TT). (Don't clean/wipe anything, just flash)
  11. Hi. First of all, I would make a dump if you don't have it already. Just in case. http://www.leeco.re/topic/1908-tutorialc106-create-full-dump-leeco-cool-1/ To me this sounds like persist problem. You might want to try one from this post http://www.leeco.re/topic/1811-bb72c106-cool1-eui-58-17s-multilanguage/?do=findComment&comment=24897
  12. That's correct! It's doesn't include rom. You can backup rom with TWRP. Btw if you compress this dump with winrar or 7zip it will be well under 100mb.