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  1. Updates must be installed right after flashing rom trough Coolpad Download Assistant. After installing custom recovery they won't work. All you can do is just check if there is a new update. I've tried various different methods but no success. Flashing back stock recovery doesn't help if you have installed Gapps and root. At least I haven't heard about any working method. All you can do is flash fresh JUI again, update then you can flash recovery, root etc. But you won't be able to install future updates ofc.
  2. We are asking for a looong time for kernel sources. https://www.change.org/p/coolpad-kernel-sources-for-cool1 They don't really care, I wish they did. However, even without kernel sources and with stock ROMs for this price this device is very very good and we can't really complain that much.
  3. Everything is written here http://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?act=findpost&pid=61800473&anchor=Spoil-61800473-4 Use google translate.
  4. I like AOSP keyboard but I wanted to check if I have this problem, so I installed Gboard, also I'm using different language than English with Gboard. Everything is working perfectly. I'm on Aroma gapps. Not sure what's causing any problem with Gboard. If you are using different Gapps, then you should try Opengapps Aroma version.
  5. You can use other launcher if this way: Install launcher you want, open it. You need root, use any system app uninstaller or freezer and uninstall default (!) launcher. Now system will be forced to use other launcher. Keep in mind, that you should make backup via TWRP if something goes wrong.
  6. @afyden did you use Aroma gapps installer? If not, try to use Opengapps Aroma installer version!
  7. Here you go. Bloat remover from: http://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?s=&showtopic=776801&view=findpost&p=63119872 JUI_1707040_RemoveSomeChina.zip I haven't tested it myself. I would suggest to use any System app freezer or remover from Play Store and remove bloat manually if you have root Safe to remove list: AMapNetworkLocation coolmart coolYou GameCenter PNInfoProvider Zs3DNotepad ZsAppFreezer CoolWeather SougouIME MobileVoc MobileVocZipzslog Amap CloudMusic_cmcc Happyelements_pollux Jingdong_pollux Meituan_pollux Qunar_pollux SogouSearch_pollux SohuNewsClient_pollux TencentVideo_pollux Toutiao_pollux WPSOffice Weibo_pollux iReader letvplayer_pollux Maybe there is a problem with download. You might want to redownload. Or here is a content of that rar file: superuser.zip (flash it through TWRP for root) com.koushikdutta.superuser.SuApplication.apk (install it, other SU apps are not working with this root)
  8. Guys, if you can enter TWRP but ROM does not boot up, just flash verify-xinkid.zip trough TWRP, it should fix this issue. Yea, it's not included in tutorial, that's why I'm pointing this out, if ROM is not booting. You can finding info regarding this file by googling file name. Gapps: http://opengapps.org/ I have had problems with other versions but aroma. So, I suggest to use aroma and uncheck/check what you want to install. (ARM64 + Android 7.1) Root: ROOT.rar Flash superuser.zip trough twrp, then install apk.
  9. Did you flash verify-xinkid.zip? Try to flash it trough TWRP. verify-xinkid.zip
  10. What recovery do you have? Stock one or TWRP?
  11. No, this is not multilanguage ROM. As far as I know, there's no official JUI multilanguage ROM. However, you should be able to get it with 3rd party apps/root. I haven't tried it yet, since I use English. The ROM OP posted is not multilanguage rom. (User Mateo1469 already reported that)
  12. I have no idea what's inside the archive OP posted but this should be same thing https://cloud.mail.ru/public/5mxC/FNwvnWc4g pw: coolpadJUI2017 Here is a tutorial how to install it in Russian. You can use google translate. Do not flash it on C103!
  13. There are many known issues with JUI on C103, so I wouldn't use it, however on C106 it runs great!
  14. Is this screenshot from this rom? Looks like I'm on way newer for almost a month.
  15. What are you flashing? Now it's right time to flash P3.CPB Hold on, are you flashing ROM with miflash? It's just for recovery! You have to use Coolpad Download Assistant for ROM image