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  1. Happy 2017 to one and all

  2. What ones are available for just English?
  3. What version are you running?
  4. http://www.leeco.re/topic/2088-bb72x620-eui-59020s/
  5. That's a low AnTuTu score. I get 86,000 on my 620 on 5.9.020S.
  6. I have installed 5.9.020S Via OTA update, easy process. I hope 6 is 7.11. My Google Pixel C is on 7.1.1 with December's security patch. With Vulcan Graphics I got a huge speed increase on the PixelC, so here's hoping for some sweet sweet Nougat for Le2.
  7. Yes all stock. Has stock global ROM installed 5.8.018S and today had notification of 5.9.020S.
  8. I installed OTA the ROM today, no problems.