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  1. Try. https://twrp.me/devices/leecole2.html
  2. Why? Can't you download the zip, and install it from Update?
  3. 91766 on my x620 Le2 with 5.9.023S Official version.
  4. gps

    Do you have your phone in a case? Mine wouldn't lock on either, until I changed the case from one made of Metal to one made of Plastic.
  5. Official Stock ROM. 5.9.023S
  6. Try here. https://devs-lab.com/download-letv-official-stock-rom.html#Le_2_X527_Stock_ROM
  7. Maybe you will have to factory reset it to by pass lock screen. Try powering it off and on a few times first. Or contact Seller and see if it's pre-owned?
  8. The Mediatek one. it's not complicated.
  9. You have an older ROM 5.6.082S. I recommend you update the ROM to the latest official ROM 5.9.020S. I have provided a link to the ROM and installation instructions. It's important when you download the ROM to change the name to update.zip. If you have no System update in your Settings menu, , or an icon that says Program Update, then just copy the ROM you named update.zip from your PC to your phone. On your phone push on update.zip. It will ask you Do you want to Upgrade. Click yes. It will automatically install and update your phone. When it's installed, you will now have an System Update icon, and a menu in Settings. You will now receive automatic updates OTA. https://devs-lab.com/download-letv-official-stock-rom.html#LeTV_LeEco_Le_2_Mediatek_Stock_ROM
  10. What ROM do you have?
  11. You have a real phone, just one released for the Chinese market, not the USA. try this ROM. https://devs-lab.com/download-letv-official-stock-rom.html#Le_1_ProX800Stock_ROM
  12. A factory reset wipes all files, you should be fine.