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  1. I want to install Max-23S-2017.5.12 on my X900 device. I just want to know whether finger scanner will work or not.? Because i don't want any rom which did not support this excellent feature of this device. Thanks
  2. So how could we use a rom who did not support a coolest feature of a device like fingerprint scanner.. ? Please add this feature in the rom as well. thanks
  3. I,ve X900 model. I want to install this rom on my device. I have 2 questions 1. Is it safe to flash this rom on X900 ? 2. Is fingerprint scanner working or not? Thanks!
  4. I wonder why not there is call recorder option in call settings ??? its my big concern. I need this feature .. please somebody add it as a build in in call settings.. thanks
  5. Problem
  6. butt nothing working for me to resolve this issue. tried almost all the versions of google play services.. please help..
  7. En/Cn

    Why not there is call recording option in dial pad???
  8. Xblast can work on x900 or not?
  9. OMG... why so ?
  10. Hi Dear, I have installed LeTvx900+新20s.zip on my X900. Now I want to install xposed. I have tried this multiple times. Every time I managed to install Xposed successfully but when I download a Module Gravity MM and tick it in xposed and then restart my device, it always hangs on EUI logo. I tried this for at least 50 times. Then I flash the rom again to come back to life. Please help me how to install xposed without this hang problem. Thanks M.gllmM.
  11. Reviews

    Dear These screenshots belongs to version LeTvx900+新20s.zip or 5.8.419D_dev.zip ??? Please guide.. I have x900 variant and I want to flash a rom with Play Store..
  12. Thnx for ur reply.. Actually i want to flash this rom LeTvx900+新20s.zip .. is it possible to flash it on x900?
  13. Can I flash x900+ rom on Chinese version (x900) ?