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  1. No
  2. Tried everything still not working help its so annoying to look at
  3. I have this yellow bar at the top. Have tryed basic troubleshooting from posts here but no luck ?
  4. Can you change the button of seeing all open apps to default ?
  5. V49 IDK if its a bug Green led comes on when not fully charge. meant to come on when fully charge at 100 percent
  6. Tried the ASOP Rom v99 My feed back The pull down of the notification is slow or lag? The all open apps button is not on the far left on the square Going to test v49 cm13
  7. ok thanks will flash both things and report back
  8. One thing I would like to ask open_gapps-arm64-6.0-pico is this the right gapps I should be flashing ?
  9. Yeah i did check back after i posted but i forget to delete post. sorry for any inconvenience Anyways thanks for the response
  10. Thanks Whats the changes in V99?
  11. What do I wipe when full wiping?
  12. The open_gapps-arm64-6.0-pico is the right one?
  13. does fast charging work and how I screenshot on this cm rom?
  14. Wheres v99 I only see v49 on homepage of this post?
  15. I dont even have that many apps like under ten apps. So i dont whats causing it