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  1. I cant use those methods because i get error in userbuild as i have quoted ?
  2. Sir it says this command not allowed in userbuild? not how to fix this need to fix this asap cause i cant call anyone
  3. Trying to restore imei. How do i turn on so it allow commands in user build?
  4. i ask by posting. Can you help figure this out please
  5. Sir it says this command not allowed in userbuild? im running bbs 20s
  6. How can i restore imei to original and find that original imei? i used an appp to change imei for a game. Now i cant make any calls how do i fix this?
  7. Please I hope this project doesn't die
  8. The rom will have ROOT?
  9. +1 thanks for working on this
  10. what are the changes from 20s to this?
  11. No
  12. Tried everything still not working help its so annoying to look at
  13. I have this yellow bar at the top. Have tryed basic troubleshooting from posts here but no luck ?
  14. Can you change the button of seeing all open apps to default ?
  15. V49 IDK if its a bug Green led comes on when not fully charge. meant to come on when fully charge at 100 percent