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  1. How's battery and bench mark scores please ?
  2. Lineage

    Great job love your dedication idk how your so quick at this stuff I'm so amazed. Never seen this much work development everything day
  3. Lineage

    I have no doubt this ROM will be the best once done with all the work being put in ! Developers and everyone giving feedback thanks so much You are all so quick
  4. Lineage

    the ROM looks great gonna hold off for now until some new updates have been made other than that good job!
  5. Very good work for the people working at it. We will make it there guys so sit tight and hope for successful development. Cheers
  6. Once we get continuous improvement after rom launch I'm sure that the OK eui will be beaten out of every aspect
  7. IDK i just saw the rom on XDA
  8. Someone need to improve this ROM. BTW on the XDA forums for other chip set of this phone they have released android 7.0+
  9. awaiting news?
  10. Any Update on this OP or Anyone?
  11. How can i backup all my stuff so i can restore in new rom?
  12. Should be the settings for sure all cms have it
  13. Any help is appreciated and needed. Please marcelo_crispim is developing Cm13.1 marcelo_crispim marcelo_crispim
  14. Good work only concern is if battery if going to be great other than that good work