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  1. Hi friends why there is no Turkish language support, We follow this forum site, It is not fair :@ :@ I ask you a lot, can you add Turkish language support Thanks @kingoftf @diazabdulm @Kurgy
  2. how will you do the installation, will you help? Thanks @diazabdulm @Kurgy
  3. Hi friends, This rom multilanguage ? Supported Turkish language @diazabdulm @Kurgy
  4. Hi friend, @pete80pro @diazabdulm Would you please add the Turkish language option. We follow this site very fondly but you do not add rom as a Turkish language. This rom is your Turkish language option Thanks
  5. Hello there, When you share v4 version ... I look forward to you. @diazabdulm thank you..
  6. Hello there, When you share v4 version ... I look forward to you. @diazabdulm
  7. Thanks friend....
  8. When will you share the download address with us?
  9. Hi friends When will I be ready, I look forward to it diazabdulm
  10. Hi friend, When you receive the phone in 3G and LTE mode, the mains is disconnected and returned. I use the phone in 2g Could you fix this problem. @ diazabdulm
  11. Thanks friend, God bless you, take good care of yourself This site needs you and much like you
  12. Thank' friends, I will not forget, I use version V3, when I turn the phone off and then back on or restart it, the logo screen reopens several times and the phone turns on after 15-20 minutes. This is not an error in this version, because we are afraid to restart the phone.