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  1. No problems with French operator 4 g orange ,SFR . I am not using dual sim . not disconnect..
  2. Work fine for me. Installed purify to delete Chinese stuff, More local2 , titanium backup pro .. Rooted again with kingroot, quite impressive
  3. Have a look but be careful : this can help. http://mobilespecs.net/phone/codes/LeTV/Letv_Le_Max_X900.html
  4. 1er bug: confirmed bug : SMS stop when using shortcut more in SMS application. 2 bug : when we click on WiFi connected in parameters , then message : parameters have stopped. Using the phone intensively for 3 days, the rest is quite impressive. Had to flash 3 times the ROM / format David/data/system/SD card/
  5. Front caméra ok for me
  6. thanks spzjulien , perfect rom, only some battle installing my font ; Well can't root le Max with the tutorial in the first page , always stay blocked with the pingouin ... just solve the problem using Iroot , but of course the twrp was in chinese , have to flash with the twrp 3 in french at the end..so good !! have done this method for letv 1s also..work fine ..
  7. Thanks, work perfectly, better memory, fluid , but need to use hola launcher to hide Chinese stuff, Flashed with twrp!
  8. Same probleme for me , but solved , thanks ; just have a good PC and clean