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  1. AOSP

    Dear friend ixthUA, Antutu reports have specials ways. As I can see, you have different workings conditions on each reports. Stock: Battery 95% Not uploading, Etc, THIS ROM; Battery, les 70% Uploading some file, To many aps open. Yo need same conditions to get a reliable report.
  2. AOSP

    https://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=3034811 Just try link and you will find all help you need. Btw, do not be afraid.Xposed will not create bugs with this version. I've installed and working as you can see in my old post. Take a look on my last screenshot.
  3. AOSP

    To change text size, just open and modify build.prop inside \system and replace the orihinal line for this: persist.sys.sf.lcd_density=480 About recent button, just install gravity xposed module and setup navigation bar. You will be able to make all changes you need. Have fun.
  4. AOSP

    Hello dear friend. Also my pleassure to be with my friends inside this forum- Have a nice weekend. Just, feel free and Enjoy it.!!
  5. AOSP

    Thank you, dear. Now I'm driving to start my weekend. I'll try next monday. Have fun. Regatds for you and family.
  6. AOSP

    Hola amigo mio. Espero que todo esté bien contigo y familia. Sin mayor problema de instalacion. Still looking the way to control apps permission. In your time, please give me some help about setup. Some opacity on screen colors. But, I belive this will be my "all day" rom. Thank you agaim.!!
  7. AOSP

    Hello everyone. Saludos amigo Kangburra. You've done a very nice work. Congratulations. Thank you very much. Installed and working fine. Just a little hard to setup Gravity Nav Bar, because some problem to modify build.prop with command quemu.hw.keys, but now is ok. Have installed another cam and, working smooth. Please, help me to setup apps permission, because I need control autostart, location, etc.
  8. Thank you, dear Pete. Congratulations for the good news on your family.! Regards.
  9. Hi friends, I have to thank our friend @Tibcsi0407 many times, because this tutorial made it possible for me to "revive" my X620 that had "died" in an update. I struggle a lot because in the despair of previous days, I had installed more than one program of Drivers. It was necessary to uninstall everything related to this aspect and install the latest version. Immediately, the phone with Black Screen and Red Light, was recognized by the PC and consequently, the procedure was started. I have to thank our friend pete80pro, because it was he who advised me to use the procedure of this post .. Thank you both. Tomorrow that I finish configuring all the programs that I need in my personal life and the office, I will return to the forum to share the good moments with you. Greetings.
  10. For the best performance, I advice you to delete all files on your Internal Memory as: baidu, tencent. They will not be use never more. Try it. Will work. As you can see, is a shaved version. Bye-
  11. Sure friend, thank you for test this work. Please, Say hello to your wife for me. All the best. Have a nice weekend.
  12. Hi friend, thank you for report. I'll upload new versio, later because now I'm only with Data. I have not wifi, no A.C. for now, big storm. Could you please report how is doing.? You can find inside the Emoji keyboard. Just activate it. Is a great apk. Greetings. All the best for you and family.,
  13. Thank you for share us your projects. We¡ll test all of them. I prefer MIUI, because is smooth, reliable, slim and fast. Everyone in my family have Retina problems and we are very sensitive to bright white. With MIUI we can set a dark background wich give us confort. Bye. Regards.