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  1. Can I flash this rom using TWRP?
  2. MULTI

    @BB72TT LeEco Cool1 have update to EUI 5.9. What is the problem to modify this software by You? There is the link: https://cloud.mail.ru/public/5xBW/y1mrRXbX4
  3. I signed in.
  4. MULTI

    @BB72TT There is a rom (EUI 5.8.018s) from c103 working on Cool1.
  5. MULTI

    Unfortunately, OTG do not work on this rom.
  6. MULTI

    People are today start getting a update.
  7. MULTI

    It is port from LeEco Le 2 X520. And this rom is with China apps etc.
  8. Cool1 Update

    Why LeEco Cool1 have not EUI 5.8.020s, and LeEco Le 2 have a 5.8.020s version and 5.8.023s stable beta? Lastest version of EUI on Cool1 is 5.8.017s. Why?
  9. MULTI

    @BB72TT When you share 29 January update for us?
  10. MULTI

    Which Rom is more performance: by BB72 or by Grossoshop ? I see only one difference in boot animation, no more
  11. MULTI

    Thank you very much. It work
  12. MULTI

    Hi, I would enable background data for Google Play Store, but this method in connection control don't work, and I can not download applications, when I use a mobile data. Please help.