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  1. AOSP

    Hola, ROM should work, always do twrp backup and Portuguese (Brasil) is included.
  2. AOSP

    I install Airserver on Windows 7, works,
  3. hola, todo Leeco roms hace este. Nunca veo un rom lo que no tiene este problema.
  4. AOSP

    I am working on Hotspot but nothing so far. No donations. The cast problem I am installing Windows in a Virtualbox to see if it works there.
  5. AOSP

    This not so easy as I cannot test. I will check libraries and compare.
  6. AOSP

    Just unroot, instructions in SuperSU app, then reboot and reroot. Alternatively use xposed and rootcloak.
  7. No, sorry, please move to lineage 14. It's beta but working well.
  8. AOSP

    I am not sure how, but this does tethering quite happily. It is not a fix because you need a driver file on the computer but it shows there is hope for a hotspot fix in the future.
  9. AOSP

    I have no way to test this, sorry
  10. AOSP

    What is your country/carrier?
  11. AOSP

    Battery life for 229a
  12. AOSP

    Long press home for recent apps and recently (included apk) can show a clear all button.
  13. AOSP

    You can decompile the APK and jar files. Easier to use xposed but up to you.
  14. AOSP

    Yes but don't forget to install Gapps and Xposed again. Data should be the same so flash over the top. Do a TWRP backup first, just in case!