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  1. I have new ROM added in post #1. Please try and let me know problems.
  2. No problem with xposed here.
  3. With built in camera switch preview from fullscreen to 4:3 and this changes ratio and to 21MP
  4. The icons at the bottom, dock, they show no unread counts, only nova does this.
  5. I can't see this, maybe try new one tomorrow, setting up from scratch now and no apk crash.
  6. It will be tomorrow, I have to upload over night, I work from home and it takes 1.5 hours to upload. Those who use pixel launcher, do you live without unread count badges or is there an app to do this? I don't mind the launcher but it's odd to see all blank icons when I receive something.
  7. I use xposed for battery circle much more accurate.
  8. Yes, I can not script that and forever will be told the dialer is broken. Much like browsers I will leave the one there and people can change if they want.
  9. Progress so far, Pixel Launcher installed. Dobly installed. Dialer not working. incoming call FC. I am not going to worry on this for now. I am going to try the BT pairing problem as that is a major pain for me.
  10. Looks like the dialer will need more work, unable to answer calls at the moment. I'll try again tomorrow.
  11. Part of the WhatsApp change is their camera tab, at the bottom is a gallery of existing pictures. You can attach any picture from there, even if taken in the normal camera.
  12. I have the better dialer installed, it'll be in the next upload.
  13. Haha, yes, as long as it's not part of the gapps system.
  14. V107 has fixed this.
  15. I may have fixed this, will upload if still ok later.