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  1. Yes cannot switch so it's enabled only
  2. Lineage v49 is the last made, see post #1. Since then AOSP ROM has been worked up to v144 but in another thread.
  3. AOSP

    WhatsApp have fixed their bug, works for me now.
  4. Lots of thanks
  5. www.bit.do is blocked Requests to the server have been blocked Unable to download, also why chinese twrp? What does it do differently?
  6. I wait as I've been flashing all day and now catching up on real work. Thank you friend
  7. I flash this to see if I can steal apps but launcher FC on first boot. Something I miss for install?
  8. Read the post above yours
  9. #20 - Incorrect (incompatible) ROM Version: ROM is not compatible with the Open GApps package You need ARM64 Android 6.0 and suggest PICO http://opengapps.org/
  10. AOSP

    I probably broke this trying the IR kernel, I will check today.
  11. AOSP

    I have lodged a report with Ebay, it is checking something that I suspect is root but it doesn't say that.
  12. AOSP

    New version in post 1. Better signal for mobile data. No change with IR yet.
  13. AOSP

    Does that stay the same after a few hours, my battery improves as the day goes. I have an over reported category which gives battery back.
  14. AOSP

    That's good to know, thank you.