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  1. AOSP

    I'm looking into it, lineage works but not just copy files. Will report new version if working
  2. AOSP

    Can you upload to mega or somewhere please
  3. Sorry, not sure, ask in that forum it's been disabled but may be reversable
  4. AOSP

    If you upload I can have a look but no promise on letv camera. Already having problem with IR and Hotspot so things slow now.
  5. IMEI is on the box, or instruction book label. Restore can be done using this sequence Open the Dialer and type *#*#3646633#*#* you will enter the MTK Engineering Mode On EngineerMode Chosee Connectivity and click the CDS information option.You will see Radio information there and after tapping on it. If you have dual SIM ANDROID then you will see TWO option select any one on which you want to write IMEI with.Click Phone 1At “AT+” line add : AT+EGMR = 1,7,”my_first_IMEI_code”Click on “SEND AT” button belowFor second SIM tap Phone 2 and type this commandAT+EGMR=1,10,”my_second_IMEI_code”Click on “SEND AT COMMAND” button below a second timeReboot phone
  6. AOSP

    Thanks but need an account to download, I don't have.
  7. Same here, fingerprint is flawless.
  8. AOSP

    I don't know the device but you can try. Also setting static IP info works but DHCP is proving a problem.
  9. You should have snap camera
  10. You have to install using a flashable zip in recovery. Then apks for modules. Does that make sense? Sorry.
  11. You have to flash xposed not install the apk. I have xposed and fingerprint here.
  12. I will check this Only if we get something usable to port from as leeco are no help.
  13. AOSP

    Thanks for that, did you add DNS and gateway or just IP address?
  14. AOSP

    I am looking at this at the moment, I think it is related to the hotspot issue. I will update when I find a fix.