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  1. Flash TWRP for JUI
  2. https://drive.google.com/drive/mobile/folders/0B5vyMGZJJmcnbVUtT3A2UVFtS2M Follow this guide for installing https://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=776801&st=5800#entry61800473
  3. Flash this : verify-xinkid.zip this was already told by another user in an another thread...
  4. Some file had to be flashed in the recovery.... That file was available in the advanced menu of the Chinese recovery....then you will be able to boot after flashing TWRP
  5. Are you sure??.... It won't be coming??
  6. When if the kernel sources coming out?? You are a moderator in the Indian forums, right??
  7. Can we go back to JUI after downgrade??
  8. I don't know if it works... But there is a special twrp for jui and Chinese is the only language available in it.... And you can access your internal storage even if it is encrypted
  9. Use adb.... Adb reboot edl This command worked for me...and I think EUI's twrp can't be used with jui... There is a different twrp for jui but Chinese is the only language available
  10. Which ROM are you using??
  11. ohk... i saw that MEID. and if you find any way to change, please share it with me. is it illegal to use wrong meid?
  12. i think your data partition is encrypted. because of that you may not be able to access internal storage from twrp recovery. if you wipe data partition you can access it but all your files will be deleted.
  13. i restored imei number. but i dont know how to repair meid. can you say me where the meid is present in the .qcn file?
  14. Have you got back MEID also?
  15. i restored the dump. can you say me where and how to enter the imei number of my device?