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  1. Great news Master Tora33 ! Hope it'll come with app drawer...
  2. I tried all and I think none of them has new LeEco launcher with drawer...
  3. My first review for FIUI 2.0.1 : - If I change the prefered network type, the SIM settings disable and enable itself and I no longer have a network - Many "system has crashed" message I think this version is not yet stable because it has the same bugs as the previous FIUI version. I'm now back to stock version. Hope for a stable and no bugs version soon Master Tora33
  4. Can you prepare a FIUI ROM based for LeEco Le Pro 3 please ? It's a great OS ! Here you can found a version for Le Pro 3 but with many bugs http://bbs.ydss.cn/thread-740406-1-1.html https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1tni8kCEA5SMUZwdk50TmcyXzA Good luck Master Tora33
  5. Thank you Br@uliX to spread one of the best ROM, if not the best, available on one of the best smartphone, if not the best, Le Pro 3