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  1. Screen time not good 6 hour ,in flyme 6
  2. Flyme 6 have open I do not know, but xda yada 4 pa ru. My friend had uploaded it, the charger was not very good, I will also learn the link
  3. Flyme 6 have open
  4. Hi friends do you have double-click on / off the screen at cool 1? I could not find it and downloaded programs from the play store related to it but it did not work!
  5. I tried different cable, but I do not understand what the problem is, for now, there is no authorized service in turkey, Thank you very much
  6. I use a 2 amp charger, and I also use the original charger, I think the charging socket is broken i thing
  7. Hi guys My phone, has a problem charging 5 hours, cause cause: charging socket malfunction?
  8. Cool1 not qoick charge
  9. I need to find urgent, an internet address where can I find the charger socket?,cool1 charge socked, please emergency
  10. cool 1

    I need to find urgent, an internet address where can I find the charger socket?
  11. cool 1

    Hi guys, cool1 charging socked, i want photo? You have cool1photo charge socked?
  12. Yes ,this cool 1 night photo very purple ,baş
  13. 2 ,link error @benniebob@Yash98 @Lachrymist
  14. I have not tried the new Indian rom , again purple flash ,i hate flash ,bad bad ,purple ,