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  2. Hi friends. If I back to stock rom from the BB72 ROM on my X527 (installing the stock rom provided here) the official OTA updates will be available?
  3. MULTI

    Hi, Can this ROM be installed on a Leeco S3 (Leeco Le 2 X522)?
  4. MULTI

    Hello!!, thanks for your work. I installed the 018s version. All works fine but the whatsapp notifications don't appears and I see the messages only when I open the app. I have tried all this: 1. Phone manager -> Power saving management->App protection->Disable auto cleaning for WhatsApp 2. Settings -> Permission -> You have allowed x apps to auto launch->enable WhatsApp 3. Settings -> Notification management -> WhatsApp->enable all 4. Phone manager>Power saving management>App battery usage alert>Never alert > whatsapp should be never alert 5. Make Sure the Apps are locked in Recent Apps. Lock means the app won’t be killed by system. 6. Third-party power management apps such as DU Battery Saver, Greenify, Battery Extender, CM Security, Battery Saver, Go Battery, Doze etc. restrict background data and thus result in delayed notification and errors 7. If still cannot receive the push message, please check whether Battery assistant is enabled. Battery assistant will restrict backgroud data and only suggest to enable when battery is low. 8. Dial *#*#46360000#*#* -> Uncheck “Enable background resource control” Still don't work fine. Anyone know what can it be?
  5. OK, Thanks!
  6. Hi, What colors does the notification LED have? I only get the green
  7. I think I'll keep the BB72. I have installed Nova Launcher and the Chinese pages have disappeared. These pages can also be removed by clicking on the eye icon above the page. Look the atached file. Thanks, best regards!
  8. Hello everyone. Do you know if this rom can be installed on a phone with BB72 ROM ? Which of the two roms is better? Does anyone know if the Spanish translation is complete? Thank you.