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  1. because the battery life is long. 5h Sot
  2. i m using
  3. If you solve the problem of battery and RAM. It is the best miui Support:google translate.
  4. all miui roms general problem. battery and ram using. I am hopeful from this rom offer: L speed(root) app System reduces ram usage.
  5. Calibration problems
  6. Some roms are installed with bbsyds twrp. have different twrpler. It gives some roms with twrpler error. Your rom also gave an error. I have installed another twrp.
  7. ROMs must be common twrp. Batch roms must be loaded with 1 twrp The twrp version is very important
  8. Sound levels are high. battery high used. The voice on the phone is not clear (microphone). ram usege high,Remove unnecessary services. good job. v2 waiting... Display duration 3.30 hours. very low.
  9. At the end a plain miui.I will try
  10. Great jobs. Cong. Mobile data and WiFi reception low
  11. tekrar recovery e girdim tekrar kurdum.bir şekilde sorunsuz açıldı le camera harika oldu.miui stock camera kötü. Ram kullanımı güzel. 1.6gb space for 3gb ram
  12. I m 3gb/32gb .but other roms installing.