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  1. Hi everyone How Can i install this rom?
  2. HELP!!! after installation of this rom, my le2 doesn't reboot and freeze in "LeEco" boot HELP!!!
  3. Hi everyone How can i able volume up/down in lock screen in 26s? They don't work... Why?
  4. Kangburra thanks for this new version, I like your rom But I continue to have this problem. Why it happens? It just happens to me? Or someone else?
  5. Hi I found another problem... With some app I have this problem: With V107 I don't have this... I don't know why.... (I reinstalled the ROM several times)
  6. Me too Pfiuuu I thought i had broken my volume down ahahah Thanks God
  7. V117 is working so fine, very good. But... I have a question How can i do the screenshot? With AOSP i don't know... Sorry for my gap Edit: i found it... Thanks ahah
  8. Wow this AOSP is so good The battery is perfect but i don't like multitasking and there is a bug with pull-down notification And Bluetooth now work perfectly(in lineage not) i love this ROM(i know it is a beta)
  9. Lineage

    Thank you very much for your ROM graineeg I have a question Why doesn't work Bluetooth with me? It continues to pairing but doesn't connect
  10. Thank you very much Laikexpert _________________________________________________ I found another problem, in this case in Bluetooth. I try several times but It doesn't work... sometimes finds the device but does not connect. (With other smartphone the device works) And... Why "vernee apollo lite"?
  11. Sorry but i don't understand How i can do this?
  12. Kangburra Thank you very much for your rom, It is fantastic! I love It, but... I have a question: Are there a adblocker for apps? If is it, can i remove?