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  1. Soon. I have no idea on the exact date.
  2. I'll fix it for v4
  3. Soon, very soon. V4 is expected to be flashable so it'll take longer to make.
  4. I understand. This is fixed in V4
  5. It's multilanguage. Yes
  6. I will upload soon
  7. And it will be flashable!!!
  8. I'll definitely check into this problem, Teoz
  9. Sorry, I can't give you a straight answer. There are a lot of issues I'm facing right now
  10. I would like to give an exact date if I could. All I ask is that you please wait because I am facing some issues
  11. Sorry I could not release Friday. My USB broke. But the new expected changelog is: Ultra Slimmed You can choose which apps you want to have Google Play Pre-Installed 12,000+ MIUI Icons Extreme Battery, Super Fast Speed, And Rapid and Clean Internet Tweaks (No more ads) And more!
  12. Most likely this Friday.
  13. V4 is coming soon