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  1. Is it a different build version? Is it as smooth as MIUI?
  2. Certain functions like camera and fingerprint don't work on low battery
  3. It's okay for daily use as long as you're willing to deal with WiFi disconnecting every now and then. Battery is fine. I haven't had any bugs so far.
  4. Proof of Google Play working for me. I will upload instructions soon. I have school
  5. Working Battery 4-5 Hours SOT. Google Play working flawlessly. When you go on Google Installer, just find the name of the files and download the files yourself.
  6. Android 7

    Le 2's XDA is plagued with Snapdragon support. This community is more promising
  7. MIUI seems to be getting and faster over time. It's probably even better than stock in terms of ease of use, speed, etc.
  8. How to flash this? I try to flash MIUI but I get stuck in bootloop
  9. Is this really MIUI 9 or is it that someone edited the ROM to say it is?
  10. That, a busy man cannot promise, Talat. I know how we've all been waiting and I'll publish as soon as possible.