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  1. https://androidfilehost.com/?fid=745425885120711230
  2. I would love to help out. Unfortunately, I gave away my LeEco Le 2 and sold my laptop.
  3. You can try Donkin's MIUI 8. Yes, it's old but it has everything you need. In truth, MIUI 8 is not that different from 9.
  4. Thanks1 It's an honor coming from you
  5. New: You can now install LeEco stock Camera on any MIUI. MIUI Font fixed. Looks BEAUTIFUL
  6. Android 7

    As for the battery tweaks, download ABS TWEAKS ZIP from XDA and flash. Go to terminal and turn on the "Battery Tweaks" and "Adblock." Go to the build.prop tweaks section and turn on the Battery tweaks. Now download BLUEBLOOD L SPEED PROFILE from XDA. Download L SPEED from XDA and restore the Blue Blood Profile. Download "No Frills CPU Control" from Play Store. Make sure governor is set to powersave and cfq is set to noop. Get Greenify and turn on Aggressive Doze. Turn on the phone's battery saver mode. Done!
  7. To be fair, this can be used for EUI as well. Just skip to the part where it says install Google Play
  8. I plan to maybe make it universal (work on any ROM)
  9. INSTALLATION Go to recovery and flash the ZIP (do NOT flash right after flashing MIUI ROM; only flash when you're past the Setup Wizard and you can use the phone) FEATURES Google Play Installer Bloatware Remover MIUI Font Added LeEco Stock Camera Added Works on any MIUI version DOWNLOAD Download the MOD NOW!
  10. Wow! Amazing work. I would love to help out to make this ROM even better!
  11. Android 7

    CONS Phone says no SIM card even though I have a SIM card inserted No video recording Doze is bad (doesn't save too much battery) PROS Fast, Stable (apart from the minor issues already mentioned) Google Play Working I got battery life to improve! (I tweaked it and got roughly 4 Hours SOT with 45% left - see screenshot for proof)
  12. Is it a different build version? Is it as smooth as MIUI?