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  1. Works for me also now,only thing im missing is dolby i managed to install one but the quality is not great maybe kangburra can add the dolby in next version.
  2. The camera has no 4k?
  3. i tried the pico and the google installer they wont let me open play store one crashes and the other one wont install play services;( im so sad cause i dont know what to do
  4. ii cant seem to find a way to install google play can someone link a proper gapps for this rom pls
  5. is this rom kangburra aosp v99 better then what pete posted or its almost the same?cause i dont wanna reinstall a rom that is almost the same.thanks
  6. hmm without using anything it took 2 or 3% overnight but i dont keep wifi or data activated still yea the rom is cool and super easy to debloat,and its responsive like pete said.