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  1. @kingoftf is this rom better overall then the last update from purple fire rapid or that rom still the best cause i dont want to change the rom for nothing.ty
  2. i managed to delete them but after 2 hours my phone wen crazy starting to press things by himself and things like that.very strange
  3. some bloatware wont uninstall i mean i can see them in any launcher but none of my root uninstall or any other program show them so that i can uninstall them.any idea what to do?
  4. seems like something is wrong with my pc i put it from another pc and worked,still ty for the tip.yea is it bettrer then purple?
  5. i have a huge problem i formated the data on the phone bu i think it didnt work cause i still have all the folders says i dont have a rom and when im trying to copy something says that the device is disconected and stops.pls help
  6. took a while to install it and use install google play the rom seems ok cant uninstall all chinse things but not bothering me.il keep it a few days to see how it works.ty again pete
  7. And how is the rom performing pete overall?performance battery wise?
  8. hello pete u manged to test it?how is it compared to purple rain worth change it to this rom?ty
  9. what your opinion Pete is this room better then purple fire rapid or that room still the best atm.ty @pete80pro
  10. how is this compared to purple rain?is this a better version or atm still purple rain the best.ty
  11. so nobody can tell me if this version or the purple rain is better or the 703d?wich one is better overall?ty
  12. sad maybe in the weekend u guys find a better 23s il stick to purple indeed pete was right works everything on it:D but im hoping for an improvement.
  13. sucks u need to get it up again but realy something is wrong every unziper and unrar says its coruppt