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  1. Can I in some way extract these hex and mbn files from my working phone or are they only "external" files for the recovery of the phone? And if I can extract them, are they in some way unique for my phone, IMEI etc.? I will help you if possible. This phone is really nice and a bargain for the price we paid for it, at least unbricked and with the correct and fixed sw Just tell me if there is anything I can do.
  2. Hi, I am sorry to hear that your phone has been bricked. Unfortunately I don't think this ROM can help you, because I guess that your phone has the feared blue led and 9008-message? You can't enter recovery or anything else? I've seen that you have tried following the instructions for unbricking the phone here on leeco.re without success. I have not read the entire history though. where did it go wrong? I found this searching for a solution for your problem: http://www.androidbrick.com/leeco-letv-x820-max-2-qdloader-9008-unbrick-twrpguide/ It's for the x820, but maybe it helps you in some way if you can use the qfil files from here at leeco.re? I wish I could help you more. Just tell me if I can be of any assistance.
  3. Thanks for the info xaakx! I have downloaded the latest 26S ROM and the latest 23S patch and installed them this morning, this far everything seems to be working fine except from some occasional force closes on google services. I did a "dirty flash" did not format system/data etc. this kept all my apps intact from the 14S SW. I have uploaded the necessary files: LeMaxPro_X910-CN-FN-FEXCNFN5902604241S-5.9.026S.zip: https://ufile.io/9co6b Patch for NO-X from FW 023S: https://ufile.io/rhrrb Files to restore WIFI functionality: https://ufile.io/ec6x8 I booted the latest twrp from fastboot, took a complete backup in twrp and then first flashed the 026S firmware and directly after that the 023S patch. The 026S seems to be multilingual, but to limited languages, for example Swedish that I was using in 14S is missing now. After the flash I was missing working WIFI, but this was easily fixed by adding/replacing the files in /etc/wifi/ with the files in the wifi.zip in the last link and rebooting The files will be hosted for one month. Cred goes to Sergey_TSA on Russian 4pda forum for instructions and files. I wish you all good luck my friends!
  4. Just wanted you to know that I have successfully flashed the 5.6.014S firmware using the latest TWRP, link is provided in the X910 SU flashing manual in this forum. So far everything seems fine, proximity sensor working and everything else seems to be working this far. I did a dirty flash. I can also add that cred for the links to the firmwares goes to Shynia09 at the Russian 4pda.ru forum, I did not provide them myself.
  5. I also found a link to the 5.6.014S firmware: https://yadi.sk/d/VrHOYCsy3FL72e I hope anyone can help me interpret the Chinese text since especially the instructions for 5.9.022S are a bit unclear. Do we need to merge one of the zip files into the ROM on non-X version or can we flash as is? As faar as I understand the instructions the 5.6.014S can be flashed directly and is the same for X and non-X versions, so maybe that ROM would be the safest to start with? I also wonder how to make a "9008 backup" so that we have one in case of bricking the device with the flashing of the new ROM. The most important fix in these ROMs I consider being the fix of the proximity sensor. Today I manage to pause every call a couple of times since the display does not lock during calls - extremely annoying.
  6. This is the tutorial file in the second link. It seems like I, and probably you guys too have the non-X version. My CMIIT ID is 2016CP. Does this mean we need to unzip the small non-X version file into the full ROM file? Here is the tutorial translated: Statement: I made ROM only for entertainment. Without any promotion, please hurry to pack to do meaningless promotion Please use a third-party Recovery card to brush into. Card brush safe and convenient The file directory is as follows: Music Watch Tool Recovery Recovery Tool (PC) LeMaxPro013S_TWRP_Recovery_3.0.2-1 third-party Recovery for LeMaxPro official 013S kernel, please use the computer to open the music toolbox to brush into Recovery. (X version) LeMaxPro_X910-CN-FN-FEXCNFN5902201111S-5.9.022S.zip X version LeMaxPro_X910-5.9.022S complete package Non-X version of the LeMaxPro-022S patch. Zip non-X version of the LeMaxPro_X910-5.9.022S patch Brush Note: Complete package for X version. X version of the direct brush into the complete package can be. Non-X version of the first brush into the complete package in the brush into the patch. Please check the CMIIT ID number behind your machine CMIIT ID: XXXXXXXXXXXX is version X CMIIT ID: blank or 2016CP is non-X version The back of the fuselage in the middle of DVT2-XXXX inorganic test. To brush, then brush into the non-X version of the test. If the test passed the trouble you tell us. This edition of the update: 1, synchronous music MAX2-022 stable version (this version is from the music MAX2 official 020S based on the official OTA package upgrade 022S, it is also the official stable version) 2, repair the call does not turn out the screen BUG 3, repair the earphone port can not use BUG 4, repair Dolby shut down when FC 5, add music MaxPro original HIFI 6, add music MaxPro full-featured NFC 7, other updates follow the music Max2
  7. Hi, just registered to spread this information. I found this and wonder if it can be legit? https://bbs.le.com/thread-2362360-1.html I have found the following link for the 5.9.022S version that seems to be taken from the Le Max 2? https://yadi.sk/d/G5tEa7Qs3FMBqh What do you think about this? I have not dared trying it yet since I'm on call this week and in desperate need of my phone.