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  1. It is strictly for chinese version. Do not try it on global version and it will not resolve volte issue. What is your exact model ? This is for le max x900.
  2. It is a bug in 26s version. Even i can't change it but in 23s i could.
  3. Un-check system partition under mount in twrp before flashing any new rom. This will avoid the blue light error that cause bootloop. If even that does not work then try un-checking every partition and see if that helps.
  4. Can we enable hi-fi in settings ?
  5. Here is the mega link. https://mega.nz/#!1ZRSDTZR!XNoSlT8PtqjGn8SOrN4EW-dIKu-iQCct2GK5X0b0f_s
  6. Running good so far.. thanks for sharing.
  7. Hey @M.gllmt Do you still have issues with signals getting disconnecting and connecting again randomly ? Don't ignore this post please.. everyone i asked seems to be ignoring this question for some unknown reason.
  8. Are you using it with dual sim ?
  9. Ok this bug is present is 20s too.. just checked Strange..
  10. It happened to me as well, are you using dual or single sim ? I am using dual sim with data on but it happens when i switch off wifi.
  11. Yes i actually tried this while installing 23s. I wiped dalvik, cache, system and data. Then i flashed the recovery.img which i got from xda. It is not completely stock recovery though because it's interface is slightly different from what is installed afterwards. Currently i am running complete stock solution with no gapps as somehow whole phone starts lagging after signing in of play services. I have tried nearly all roms so far. The only ROM that didn't lagged was the Indian 14s which came with google pre installed. But i can't flash it now because my phone doesn't boot and shows blue light in led notification light. Although I got a success one time yesterday when it booted up perfectly. Yes i had deleted the first line in updated script but still can't boot it somehow. I wish this stock 23s supported signature spoofing which is needed for running micro g which is a play services alternate.
  12. How can i pull stock recovery.img file from this zip file ? I want to flash stock rom with stock recovery. It is not showing it anywhere @M.gllmt do you know ?
  13. Nope. This is for x900 cn version.
  14. You got to be kidding really.. but seriously. I made a donation yesterday and got the link within 5 min via e-mail. Are you sure you sent it to right person..

    I did this without root in stock 20s. Is this feature available in 18s ?