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  1. If anyone happen to use the Coolpad Cool1 with EUI 5.9.026S (ZAXCNFN5902606201S), you can download the attached modified SystemUI.apk and use EUI moder with it. Note that it is mostly likely not working for any other EUI version or any other phone hardware. Also the atrached file has a quick toggle panel mod in expanded status bar with EUI mode (i.e. even without EUI moder :-). If you succeed with any ROM/phone other than Cool1 with 5.9.026S, please share your success~ Also anyone can make an updated version of EUI moder (original source is available on github), please please do share your work! Thanks in advance! SystemUI.apk
  2. After hourse of research and trying I finally work out a workaround for eui moder to work on EUI 5.8+ (tested working flawlessly on my Coolpad Cool1 running stock EUI 5.9.026S)! Since I'm not a developer nor do I know any thing about Android programming (including xposed), it has to be done in the hard way for now (if you don't understand each step do not proceed). Hope someone can update the EUI Moder module for easier modificaion! Here comes the steps: 1. Install the latest apktool. 2. Check if your ROM is odexed. If so, first deodex your ROM (no need to flash; just need the apk files); if not, grab the apk files (/system/framework/framework-res.apk and /system/priv-app/SystemUI/SystemUI.apk) and install the framework: apktool if framework-res.apk apktool if SystemUI.apk 3. Decompile SystemUI.apk: apktool d SystemUI.apk 4. Here comes the important part. Open SystemUI/smali/com/android/systemui/statusbar/policy/MobileSignalController.smali with a text editor. Locate the following paragraph (There can be multiple .line comments. Neglect those.): ....iput v1, p0, Lcom/android/systemui/statusbar/policy/MobileSignalController;->mImsRegState:I sget-boolean v1, Lcom/android/systemui/statusbar/phone/PhoneStatusBar;->LEUI_ENABLE:Z if-eqz v1, :cond_0 sput-object p1, Lcom/android/systemui/statusbar/policy/MobileSignalController;->mContext:Landroid/content/Context; invoke-direct {p0, p1}, Lcom/android/systemui/statusbar/policy/MobileSignalController;->initSystemFeature(Landroid/content/Context;)V sget-object v1, Lcom/android/systemui/statusbar/policy/MobileSignalController;->mContext:Landroid/content/Context; invoke-static {v1}, Lcom/android/keyguard/KeyguardUpdateMonitor;->getInstance(Landroid/content/Context;)Lcom/android/keyguard/KeyguardUpdateMonitor; move-result-object v1 iput-object v1, p0, Lcom/android/systemui/statusbar/policy/MobileSignalController;->mKeyguardUpdateMonitor:Lcom/android/keyguard/KeyguardUpdateMonitor; :cond_0 new-instance v1, Landroid/util/SparseArray; invoke-direct {v1}, Landroid/util/SparseArray;-><init>()V iput-object v1, p0, Lcom/android/systemui/statusbar/policy/MobileSignalController;->mNetworkToIconLookup:Landroid/util/SparseArray; .... Delete the bolded/stroke lines. In java it meas to skip EUI_enable check to run a few functions that is also required when AOSP feature is enabled (mainly wifi calling associated functions); here's the corresponding decompiled piece: ....if (PhoneStatusBar.LEUI_ENABLE) { mContext = context; initSystemFeature(context); this.mKeyguardUpdateMonitor = KeyguardUpdateMonitor.getInstance(mContext); } this.mNetworkToIconLookup = new SparseArray(); .... Don't know if disabling EUI features will introduce some other bugs that needs to be fixed. Hopefully not. 5. Now re-compile SystemUI.apk: apktool b SystemUI 6. Open the original, unmodified SystemUI.apk with 7-zip and copy META-INF and AndroidManifest.xml into the newly compiled SystemUI/dist/SystemUI.apk. Now the newly compiled SystemUI/dist/SystemUI.apk is ready for use. 7. Replace the SystemUI.apk in your phone with the new SystemUI.apk (make backup!), set correct permission (I always use Magisk for ROM modification -- recommended), but don't reboot immediately! 8. Connect the phone to your computer. Run adb on your computer, make sure your adb is trusted in the pop-up window (i.e. no confirmation dialogue is required for the adb connection). 9. Reboot your phone and wait for it to boot up. If SystemUI crashes, don't panic. Use adb to grant the new SystemUI proper permission: pm grant "com.android.systemui" "android.permission.READ_CONTACTS" 10. Now you can turn on the first option in EUI Moder settings and enjoy AOSP feature! Seems to me the mod is not a very big change and should be easy to be compiled into an updated version of EUI moder. Somebody who know android programming and XPOSED language, please do help us :-)
  3. Hi there. I've figure out a way to enable wifi calling on our EUI-based ROMs (I'm using metropcs and it works fine)! Here are the steps: First, edit/add following lines in /system/build.prop: persist.data.iwlan.enable=true persist.dbg.wfc_avail_ovr=1 Second (Optional!! -- It seems that the wifi calling feature works fine without this apk, and after days of trying I found out that that's the program that messes up with the incoming calls via cellular network. Not sure why it appears in Le X522 ROM but not in Le X527 ROM), place the attached apk under /system/priv-app/WfcService and reboot phone. It's a deodex-ed apk from LeS3/Le2 X522 offical rom. It says "t-mobile", but it also works with metropcs (t-mobile's branch), and I'm not sure about other carriers that offer wifi calling service. Last, try to launch the activity "wifi calling" from settings.apk (use applications info, or add shortcut from nova launcher, or use adb shell command, etc. It's near the end of the long list of activities). There you can turn on the wifi calling service and also set perferences (prioritize wifi or mobile network). If you have the correct APN settings and the carriers allows it, you can go somewhere without signal to test it out! (Simpler way: set the perferences to prioritize wifi calling, wait for around half a minute and see if the banner on status bar / lock screen says "t-mobile wifi calling" instead of simple t-mobile) For now airplane mode with wifi turned-on does not allow wifi calling, though. Please reply if it works with your carrier other than t-mobile(US)/metropcs. WfcService.apk
  4. Hi! Does anyone know what the function of "fsg" partition? If I wipe that partition as well as modemst1 and modemst2, followed by restoring my qcn file, the radio works still fine -- only takes much longer time to get signal. It has to have something to do with the radio. The header of the partition says "IMGEFS-SIGNED_IMAGE". 7-zip can open it but was unable to decompress it. Also if one unpack the pcb file, there is a corresponding image called "nv.tar.mbn". Does that updates the calibration data during our system update, and is there any way to view it? Help please!
  5. If anyone haven't heard about it from the Chunese official forum , Coolpad is going to publish new ROM for Cool1 and Cool1C! It's named as JUI -- no longer stupid EUI and without many useless preset apps, and it' based on android 7.1.1! Seems to be less modified from AOSP to me. Look here for screenshots:http://bbs.coolpad.com/thread-5833897-1-1.html It's being tested in a small circle these days. The expected release date is said to be in June.
  6. To manually put the app into system: 1 Download the attached zip file. 2 From the zip file, extract /system/bin/fm_qsoc_patches and everything under /system/app/ to your phone. (The rest files are optional; they aer present in Chinese rom.) 3 Copy these files to /system/bin and /sysrem/app, respectively. Change permission of fm_qsoc_patches to 755, all directories to 755 and all other files to 644. 4 Reboot your phone. Now you can launch FM app. It seems to me that the signal is not as strong as my other old phone which was shipped with FM functionality, but it's better than nothing!
  7. Hi guys! Good news -- when I posted this on bbs.coolpad.com my post was removed by censorship; this most likely indicates that we are on the right track!
  8. Is there anyone interested in unlocking extra bands of our Cool1 Dual? When I looked at its nv parameters, it seems that its data to support WCDMA B1/B2/B5/B8 and LTE B1/B3/B5/B7/B8/B38/B39/B40/B41 are complete (of course :-), BUT it also have partial data for WCDMA B4 and LTE B2/B4/B12/B17/B20 (sadly without calibration data). This most likely implies that this phone has hardware support for these extra bands and Coolpad just chose not to release the North American/Europe/Global version of the same phone! To fill in these data, I tried to copy the nv items from Le X527 (same CPU, almost the same manufacturer, don't know about its RF chips) which I found at 4pda.ru (https://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=773468&st=3640). See the attachment for its stripped nv items compared with my Cool1's nv item (simply applied filters "WCDMA_BC4", "LTE_B2", etc.; the items associated with BC4/B2/B4/B20 in the .xqcn file from Le 2 has been overwritten by my Cool1's orginal items if they also exist -- xml files are not overwritten though; "combined" are files that also included the new NV_RF_BC_CONFIG and NV_LTE_BC_CONFIG_I). If you want to try these out, backup your nv data first with qpst (and also all partitions if possible), then restore the .xqcn files allowing for mismatch ESN. To restore your original .qcn file, erasing modemst1 and modemst2 in TWRP is enough before restoring original qcn. The good news is that when I replaced my Cool1's original nv item associated with WCDMA B2 with the corresponding items from Le X527, the phone still works well with no observable decrease of signal strength of WCDMA B2 as shown by network signal guru. The bad news is that, there should be extra settings that need to be modified to enbale the extra bands because simply adding the Le X527 data in the xqcn file is not enought (at least not working for WCDMA BC4, LTE B4/B17 that my carrier have). Maybe /rfc/rffe_scan/rffe_scan.dat needs to be changed? Suggestions please! By the way, my way of turning on the diag usb mode is: launching engmode main activity -> communication settings (1st choice), password 20150808 -> usb settings -> Yulong Test Mode. The drivers are already included in the CD drive of the phone. Anyone who also have Le S2 (Le2 X522) please also share the imei-removed qcn data please -- they can possibly further unlock LTE B12/B17! Again, if you know what I'm talking about, please have a look at/play with these files and give any suggestions! CoolpadCool1_vs_LeX527.zip
  9. Is there still anyone interesting in this phone? I recently found out that Leeco S3 (X522) has the ability to support W+W dual standby, and it has the same CPU! See attached file for its mcfg_hw.mbn that I ripped out of its non-HLOS.bin. In this configuration the device_config.xml looks like this: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!-- 7+5 mode Device configuration file for open Market DSDS with W+W support $Header: //commercial/MPSS.TA.2.1.c1/Main/modem_proc/mmcp/policyman/configurations/DevConfig/7+5_mode/W+W/device_config.xml#1 $ --> <policy name = "generic" changelist = "$Change: 9879216 $" schema_ver = "1" policy_ver = "2031.2.3" > <initial> <actions> <!-- Define device configuration as DSDS --> <device_configuration num_sims="2" max_active_voice="1" max_active_data="1"> <config primary="C H G W L T" secondary="G W" /> <config primary="C H G W" secondary="G W L T" /> <e911_config primary="C H G W L T" secondary="G W" /> <e911_config primary="C H G W" secondary="G W L T" /> </device_configuration> <feature subs="this"> dualmmode </feature> <feature subs="other"> dualmmode </feature> </actions> </initial> </policy> See the "W+W support" in its description? That's 4G/3G dual-standby! I put this in /system/nv/HW and deleted the original one, but the phone did not load it as seen on MBN testing (maybe need to change the name to the same filename? Haven't tried...). I also tried to simply replace /policyman/device_config.xml with EFS explorer, but then my phone would only recognize one sim but when there were two (one not working) it failed to recognize any one. By the way, my way to force the phone to load the new mbn config is wiping out modemst1 and modemst2 on recovery followed by restoring my original qcn backup. Anyone wants to try this out? mcfg_hw_117442828_SR_DSDS-LA-7+5_mode-MSM8952.mbn
  10. Hi buddy, are you still there? I found something interesting that may worth trying! If you copy the file /system/nv/HW/mcfg_hw_*.mbn into your computer and open it with some hex editor (I used ultraedit), at the end of the file you can find the efs item /policyman/device_config.xml. In my ROM (EUI 5.6), it's something look like this: <!-- 7+5 mode Device configuration file for SRLTE DSDS CHGWLT+G and CHG+GWLT $Header: //commercial/MPSS.TA.2.0.c7/Main/modem_proc/mmcp/policyman/configurations/DevConfig/7+5_mode/device_config.xml#1 $ --> <policy name = "generic" changelist = "$Change: 9499411 $" schema_ver = "1" policy_ver = "2024.2.5" > <initial> <actions> <!-- Define device configuration as DSDS --> <device_configuration num_sims="2" max_active_voice="1" max_active_data="1"> <config primary="C H G W L T" secondary="G" /> <config primary="C H G" secondary="G W L T" /> <e911_config primary="C H G W L T" secondary="G" /> <e911_config primary="C H G" secondary="G W L T" /> </device_configuration> <feature subs="this"> dualmmode </feature> <feature subs="other"> dualmmode </feature> </actions> </initial> </policy> I've no idea what the other means, but "C H G W L T" for sim 1 kind of means CDMA, HDR, GSM, WCDMA, LTE and TD-SCDMA and G for sim 2 means GSM only; "C H G" for sim 1 means CDMA, HDR, GSM and "G W L T" for sim 2 means GSM, WCDMA, LTE and TD-SCDMA, right? I guess we can compare this file with the one in Xiaomi's ROM and hex edit it (remove whitespace to allow for more characters) to get a configuration for 3G/4G dual standby! And it might also possible to open two data link simultaneously (max_active_data)... Sadly I don't have a second SIM in hand. Can you please look into it and share the result?
  11. Yeah it would be great to enable this feature. If it's just ota upgrade maybe it's just an easy fix, maybe conf files like build.prop? Hope some expert can figure it out!
  12. Hi guys, I figured out a way to add FM function to Chinese stock ROMs. Tested working on EUI 5.6.014S (20160908); should also work on Chinese 5.8.017S ROMs The solution is simple: just take out the FM app, the binary fm_qsoc_patches and the lib libqcomfm_jni.so from the Indian ROM and put them under correct locations. The .so file resulted in bootloop if placed under /system/lib or /system/lib64 so I had to put it with the apk file. I've created a Magisk module for that with along with some other FM dependencies from Indian ROM (see attachment). To install, either use Magisk Manager to install the zip, or merge the files in the system folder of the zip file into /system and set permissions (755 for all directories and files under system/bin, and 644 for everything else). Then reboot the phone, plug in earplug and enjoy the FM app!! magisk-FMradioFix2_20170328154126.zip