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  1. Hi, after unbricking, the device remains with black screen. At least I'm able to enter adb and fastboot and unable to boot system. Logcat is not working on the adb shell , only dmesg. It worries me about the gpu. mdss_mdp_overlay_on: Failed to turn on fb0 <3>[ 6.270257][01-01_17:52:16 UTC] mdss_fb_open: can't turn on fb0! rc=-22 Here is dmesg full output from bricked leeco le 3 pro: https://pastebin.com/dcuT65Sr Any advice/suggestion is appreciated.
  2. My best bet would be to use another twrp like switching between - navigator, GalaticStryder or codeworkx (latest) versions hoping one of the will get flashing done correctly.
  3. I bet sahara protocol will fail when using programmer files not signed properly for this specific device. It's not oneplus but leeco responsibility to get unbrick pack ready for this phone. That is why packs for debrick are named after phones, qfil versions are not universal one size fits all phones with same chipset (unfortunately).
  4. rom.zip is for fastboot, I believe you did nothing wrong, bother to read my previous post maybe.
  5. google drive mirror: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2Tfhiz6T-unZzV0TTlZeERMVjA/view?usp=sharing mega.nz mirror: https://mega.nz/#!MxpGRKxD!bAidz2vFZn0Wao3cstdCdASvU3MmC_P7CaKDrxZ9o2A This archive somehow lacks qfil programmer files but has a fastboot script. In my case I am unable to debrick my phone since it doesn't even boot to fastboot. Haven't found those qfil files yet. Certainly they are not in this archive. Cheers
  6. The link has zip file for fastboot flashing, unable to unbrick a dead le x720. There are no special qfil files - firehose programmer , rawprogram.xml, patch0.xml etc. If anyone has a working qfil package for le 3 pro x720 , please assist.