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  1. So, folks, i have just installed the update.zip all works well but when dialing message comes: celldata not available. I think, it's enough and i will sell the phone. I have learned so much but phone with no SIM is bad. Many thanks for helping me.
  2. Hi tora 33, i have tried this rom with TWRP, but i got the described error: error 7 error installing zip file sdcard/ update zip The link to the updater-script is dead and there is no possibility to use your help-description and the manual way (a) seems too complicated to me. But i will try next time.
  3. Hi tora33, many thanks for help. After using this file all worked well exept: IMEIs were lost and system says: no SIM detected. After repair of IMEI this error-message was still shown. Android works well, CUOCO92 was istalled, WLAN works but no SIM detected.
  4. Hi all, i followed the guide described here and the videos. But nothing helped. QFIL ran successful, but as result only red/blue led is blinking. I also have tried some different downloads (most of links in this thread are dead) of described files - same result. Member skynet wrote of an special file " rawprogram _ unsparse.xml " but there was no link for download. Can someone help me and can anyone answer in German language?