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  1. ohhh thx tora! Why is security patch old? 2016.10.01 will this not be a problem later?
  2. Dear tora!FullMultiX720_26S_Aroma_NonAccount_tora33 <----- this rom included safetynet-fix?
  3. Hi! I live in Hungary and do not get the gps signal on the phone for anything. What can be the problem? Sygic, Igo works only with the Internet and it's disturbing. Thanks in advance!
  4. Pls Tora Create a new stable multi rom! Thank you very much for your work in advance.
  5. Dear tora! When are you preparing multi rom? I hope you're still doing a multilingual rom!
  6. Dear Tora! =) I would like to ask when will the "26s multi rom" be available?Than you for your work!
  7. Thanks! When is the multilingual release expected?
  8. Dear tora! This rom not hungary language support?
  9. Dear tora! Do you make a multi language 26s rom? Thank you very much for your work
  10. Dear Tora! This rom support multi language?
  11. Why did not you use the latest adnoid security path? This rom 2016 oct.01. Latest 2016 04.05. Why?