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  1. With stock recovery without root works, the goal it's install it with trwp
  2. https://mega.nz/#!QaBxHBaR!M6dCePHIJhQhEEC3M5Ncp8wk_q638L8sNIFuTwbbBIs There is the update 70.9 mb
  3. i send you a private message to avoid the off topic in the Kaangburra post
  4. i'm waiting for an update solution, i can upload the update file, if anyone can make it to work
  5. works, it's an easy method with Magisk 13 and the safety.net module
  6. http://www.leeco.re/topic/2530-pass-safetynet-with-magisk-13-with-this-file/#comment-33595
  7. I make a post in this forum in Tutorial App & tool to pass safety.net with this you can play Super Mario Run and Pokemon Go.
  8. diazabdulm, if you can mod the [Poland] LE2 MIUI8.6.9, removing the bloatware and adding the Google play, you will be my hero for years :), this buid has the better performance in Miui's, but i always that i tried to remove the bloatware and the unused apps, i always broke the s.o.
  9. I doubt that you can get OTA updates with the phone rooted
  10. With the new Magisk 13 beta and this flashable file you can pass safety.net without problem, the file it's for Leeco x25 but i tested in x20 and works, thanks to DarknessKiller. https://forum.xda-developers.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=4184521&d=1497681290 Magisk 13 beta, in this post: https://forum.xda-developers.com/apps/magisk/beta-magisk-v13-0-0980cb6-t3618589 you also need Magisk Manager 5.0.2 beta, no longer exist in play store, look in xda forum. If you have supersu installed, you must unroot from supersu app and restore boot image, before flash magisk 13
  11. set the usb in your phone in mtp file transfer and run the windows google program in administrator mode
  12. You must register a Miui account and after that you can enable usb instalation under developer options, you must activate developer options first