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  1. Another brick in the wall, well my problem is that i formatted the phone before restore it with flash tool, after restore and flash the recovery, my phone restarts all the time, i tried to unlock de bootloader in fastboot mode but don't let me and i can't install twrp to install any rom. I think that i delete the nvram with the format, anyone can help me?
  2. Hey muchas gracias la descargo y la pruebo Thank you vm, i download the rom and test it
  3. I try V5 yesterday and i get random reboots too
  4. I'm testing this V4 version of EUI, i love the new interface i post the battery stats tomorrow http://bbs.ydss.cn/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=1002977&extra=page%3D1%26filter%3Dauthor%26orderby%3Ddateline%26typeid%3D3357
  5. Your phone isn't bricked, orange state it's just a warning becouse the device it's unlocked, if you want remove the warning look for this file in forum and flash it: STOP_Orange+_state+S20.zip P.D- Some roms taken around 20-30 min to start after flash it, be patience and wait
  6. go to options in supersu remove root completly restore boot image and install magisk 13 and magisk manager for root
  7. if you have your device rooted you can try with DiskDigger if not you need a pc and a program called piriform recurva, dont install nothing until recover or you have more posibility of lost data.
  8. You're right, It's Miui
  9. I test it, runs fine, the performance it's slow if you compare with eui, i install gaps with this method and all works: http://www.stechguide.com/download-install-google-apps-on-xiaomi-mi-5-and-mi-max/#comment-9654 Anyways miui 9 it's comming, at middle of Aogust and with luck Eui 6.0
  10. If you change the bootloader or the rom you lost the original checksums and you cannot update, if you try to restore your phone after put a custom bootloader or rom you can brick your phone, take care
  11. Are you tried this: http://bbs.ydss.cn/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=985338&extra=page%3D1%26filter%3Dauthor%26orderby%3Ddateline%26typeid%3D3357 says that the fingerprint works