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  1. We waited a long time for the version 26s multilanguage, thank you very much.
  2. If that's not what's in the description, delete the theme please.
  3. Good evening, everybody. I came across a custom firmware from our Chinese friends. I have not tried it myself, I just downloaded it, so make copies just in case. According to the description that was translated through Google, talk about increased stability work, energy saving and increased sensitivity of the screen. I do not know what languages in the system, but I think at least Anklia and Chinese. Download here. Link to a topic
  4. Stocks and official 2 different concepts, as well as 2 different words. The fact that the version is not officially published does not mean that it is not. If you're downloading a torrent and watching a movie, before an official show, that does not mean it's not that movie. But again, no one, no one forces, this is strictly your business. Good afternoon.
  5. I wrote that this is a stock, I did not write that it was officially published on the manufacturer's website. To date, many have already received updates to the 26s, but have not yet officially submitted it on the manufacturer's website. TWRP original, without access. And from the photos you can see that nothing is added.
  6. If you explain why this is not not him, I will remove the post.
  7. Download link:
  8. Sorry, wrong topic.
  9. Worked for 3 days, after which the graphics application dropped off and the phone stopped loading the desktop. After cleaning through the recovery, the phone started but, on the language selection, the application shows a firmware error. I used the multilanguage version X800_20s
  10. Installed multilanguage X800_20s, throws out the option "battery" (error)
  11. Can we count on the appearance of a multilingual version for PRO1-23S-2017.4.27_tora33?
  12. True, but in s20 versions there are no problems with this.
  13. I installed it twice, both times with the same result. Tomorrow I'll try again.
  14. Skip, the first time you start the phone after the update.