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  1. Why i get error when i was adding wifi manually? How can i fix this issue?
  2. Where is the firmware link?
  3. You must use google installer v.2. With it you get success.
  4. why i can not see phone on coolpad assistant? all drivers are installed but when i connect with fastboot mode but nothing happened.
  5. If i don't understand wrong, first i must install stock jui and after that install twrp and lastly we must install this modded zip from twrp. Am i right?
  6. Could we install directly from qfil? Please explain with more detail. Thanks in advance.
  7. back to eui and try again jui later. but you must back to eui first.
  8. Yes my friend it will really work. It must be exactly like this.
  9. How can i use another launcher on jui friend? Because launcher's setting is inactive and i can't change it. Also i want to use magisk but i couldn't be successful.
  10. Is there any way to install Magisk Root? When i try i've got error.
  11. I have a question with about the update. After clean install it's downloading update file. What happened if i do this update and then install twrp and root?
  12. Give it to all permissions. I've installed gapps with google installer 2.0 and i have no problem for now.
  13. @Lachrymist thank you very much for your help. i needed this file but i did like your said i used to like system app remover app and uninstalled them. Now i'm on jui and it's working very well for now.
  14. Thank you very much. I can not be register the 4pda.ru for download remove bloatware zip files.
  15. Yes i saw that but not tried yet.