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  1. Weather, wallpaper, Leeco settings, cloud app, lecloud,emoij shop, theme store,yellow page provider, lightflow and maybe others that I forgot.
  2. My banking app works fine with Magisk (hidden magisk for banking app) and another rom with Super SU. Only these Chinese unnecessary apps..... and extra settings (let's be)
  3. For me root is okay even needs it. I do not want Chinese apps and other "extra settings" I do not use and I have to disable them.For me it's important that the apps are optimized for the battery.
  4. Could you show your settings? My battery lasts for 1 day using the smartphone. I have enabled autobrightness, data connection all the time. I do not use wifi. Bluetooth in the car for 40 minutes. at 6.a.m 100% and 4.p.m 15% of the battery
  5. after installing the last romFullMultiX720_26S_Aroma_NonAccount_tora33 drain battery. Rom 26s from August 15 was better in terms of battery life. settings I have the same.
  6. a little confused. which Rom is the last one? the google drive or Mega?
  7. Your ROMs are amazing, I am still using them all the time. However the battery .. Have you looked at the MicroG project? They replace google play and less drain the battery. Can you try adding to the next compilation? https://microg.org/ On the example of Samsung s7 ... SOT was even 10 hours
  8. Hi, how to change the icon and clock place in status bar just like it is originally in EUI 23s ?