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  1. What if you just uninstall Magisk (and automatically unroot) as I did?
  2. Works, now with unrooted phone, didn't need to install other FW. Thanks!
  3. So I was very happy with the last FW but now my employer forces me to install Intunes with the business apps. Intunes detects root even with Magisk and all the tricks (from XDA). So I need to revert to the unrooted version or use suhide-lite with superSU. Can I directly install the X720_26S_NoRoot_Aroma_tora33 over the latest ROM or should I first uninstall Magisk?
  4. @tora33That would have been easy but there is no program in System nor in Userapp, still it is installed because when I try to install your suggested AdAway it says incompatible with current installed version.
  5. When I start AdAway from LeEco Settings, (it is switched off) press "download files for ad blocking" , this message appears: Downloaded file could not be read. Please read Help for more information There is no info in Help. Who can help me?
  6. Thank you @tora33 for the new version; excellent functionality now extended with safetynet pass (works). Google integrated
  7. When I do "full unroot" SuperSU asks whether to replace the boot image with original? Didn't dare to do that. Can I flash the previous firmware, uninstall Magisk & Xposed, and then again flash this one?
  8. I tried to install & unistall Magisk, but it doesn't work. TWRP says: "!Boot image patched by other programs! !Please restore stock boot image!"
  9. @QbaPL Play Store runs fine, is included in the ROM @Tora33 Cannot run Xposed & Magisk uninstaller succesfully, should have done that before updating. Will look into it later. Stock browser is not in now, so need a separate app for QR code scans. Also no problem. Google search is a nice app, don't need to open browser to do a search. What is the vertical green bar to the right of the home screen?
  10. Some feedback after one day usage as you requested. I upgraded from Tora33 previous ROM the "lazy" way without any wipe. I got one (1) playservices error in the beginning (probaly due to the previous ROM), deleted memory & reboot: no error since. Not any other issue as well. I saw a new app GoogleSearch is present in the new installation. I unistalled the other Google app for the time being - though I liked the integration with my favorite launcher (Evie). I have the impression that the phone is even more responsive with new ROM e.g. surfing with Chrome. Is that possible? I had Xposed systemless installed; could not install it now. I will probably have to flash uninstall first. Adaway app is gone as pre-installed app; when I select it from Tora LeEco settings it doesn't work. Anything else you want me to test?
  11. I use the same, however I do have occasional issues with Play Services. Looking forward to a ROM with better I do have (same old) issues with Play Services on Magiskroot ROM mentioned above. Not so frequently as before, but still disturbing. Would welcome improved ROM. Note I upgraded from previous Tora33 ROM without wipe.