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  1. It seems to work, re-download, reinstall, uninstall play services updates, update via play store. Several hours without crash now!
  2. Didn't work for me, also not with newer beta version of play services. I think I had that screen for about 10 minutes, not entirely sure though.
  3. I blocked the app "Feedback" in LeEco settings -- > App freezer. So crashing of play services is less annoying now, just press OK.
  4. Google Play Services continuously crashing. Above suggestions do not work, neither does going to Play Services and "remove all updates". Any suggestions, please, other than wipe and reinstall? Thanks!
  5. Same for me. Cure mentioned earlier doesn't help.
  6. How to install Snapchat? I have Root & Xposed and supposedly you have to remove (both) temporarily to be able to log in. I can uninstall Xposed, can I also temporarily un-root? [\Edit: I found a direction to pass Safetynet & Android Pay for the X720 here. However it needs to go with Magisk v20. Could I apply this?]
  7. Thanks for the helpful guide, I managed easily to do it, very curious how it will work out!
  8. So, I should uninstall WhatsApp, move apk to system/app and then reinstall from there?
  9. For me the only real issue with (and other) stock based ROM is the notification of Whatsapp; even with all settings optimized except except disabling "background resource control" after dialing *#*#46360000#*#* . I didn't do that because it takes out EUI optimization for all apps. I read somewhere that adding Whatsapp to system apps could solve the issue. What do you think? [\edit, it was denied later on in the same thread, at least for MIUI ROMS]
  10. Thanks! Update went quick when I didn't check any of the two "wipe" boxes. Re-activated Xposed framework.
  11. That is great! Can I upgrade from yesterday ROM without wiping anything?
  12. Up and running, thanks for the fantastic ROM! Especially sound is a big delight after the Nougat experience. Currently I am exploring the other features you put in. I prefer the Evie launcher over Nova. I like the sidebar. I was hoping to find Dutch language, but not (yet?).
  13. Is that recommendation also when I come from another ROM (Omnirom, Nougat based)?
  14. I do like the root & xposed though, just not without control. Question is, can I reinstate the "ask permission" of the SU app. Or, do you think I am too concerned?
  15. Hi, when seeing your ROM it looks very good, I want to try it. Nougat based ROMs miss some features e.g. sound quality where the stock ROM blows you away completely. I have a question on the Root. You mention apps get automatic Root permission. I am a bit worried for security since I also have my business mail on the phone. Also a combination of automatic Root access and Xposed framework makes the phone extra vulnerable? Can I switch off this "automatism"?