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  1. When I do "full unroot" SuperSU asks whether to replace the boot image with original? Didn't dare to do that. Can I flash the previous firmware, uninstall Magisk & Xposed, and then again flash this one?
  2. I tried to install & unistall Magisk, but it doesn't work. TWRP says: "!Boot image patched by other programs! !Please restore stock boot image!"
  3. @QbaPL Play Store runs fine, is included in the ROM @Tora33 Cannot run Xposed & Magisk uninstaller succesfully, should have done that before updating. Will look into it later. Stock browser is not in now, so need a separate app for QR code scans. Also no problem. Google search is a nice app, don't need to open browser to do a search. What is the vertical green bar to the right of the home screen?
  4. Some feedback after one day usage as you requested. I upgraded from Tora33 previous ROM the "lazy" way without any wipe. I got one (1) playservices error in the beginning (probaly due to the previous ROM), deleted memory & reboot: no error since. Not any other issue as well. I saw a new app GoogleSearch is present in the new installation. I unistalled the other Google app for the time being - though I liked the integration with my favorite launcher (Evie). I have the impression that the phone is even more responsive with new ROM e.g. surfing with Chrome. Is that possible? I had Xposed systemless installed; could not install it now. I will probably have to flash uninstall first. Adaway app is gone as pre-installed app; when I select it from Tora LeEco settings it doesn't work. Anything else you want me to test?
  5. I use the same, however I do have occasional issues with Play Services. Looking forward to a ROM with better I do have (same old) issues with Play Services on Magiskroot ROM mentioned above. Not so frequently as before, but still disturbing. Would welcome improved ROM. Note I upgraded from previous Tora33 ROM without wipe.
  6. I installed the ROM without wipe. Anyway, crashes are less than in the previous ROM, if it continues I will re-install with wipe.
  7. Unfortunately, already two times in the new ROM I had to crashes and did "uninstall updates" and update Play Services.
  8. Installed the ROM, works flawless, no issues with Play Services so far.
  9. Hi @tora33, thanks for updating the ROM; it is needed. My phone Play services crashes are re-appearing a (short) while after going through through the "uninstall updates" procedure. Can you give guidance on Root please with your ROM. I have now installed RootCloak to hide root, which helps for the app I need if for. However play service crashes re-appear. You give several options (without Root, install Magisk or Classic Root, with Root pre-installed). Is there a recommended way? Also, coming from your previous ROM, is it sufficient to update without wiping user data? Thanks.
  10. It seems to work, re-download, reinstall, uninstall play services updates, update via play store. Several hours without crash now!
  11. Didn't work for me, also not with newer beta version of play services. I think I had that screen for about 10 minutes, not entirely sure though.
  12. I blocked the app "Feedback" in LeEco settings -- > App freezer. So crashing of play services is less annoying now, just press OK.
  13. Google Play Services continuously crashing. Above suggestions do not work, neither does going to Play Services and "remove all updates". Any suggestions, please, other than wipe and reinstall? Thanks!
  14. Same for me. Cure mentioned earlier doesn't help.
  15. How to install Snapchat? I have Root & Xposed and supposedly you have to remove (both) temporarily to be able to log in. I can uninstall Xposed, can I also temporarily un-root? [\Edit: I found a direction to pass Safetynet & Android Pay for the X720 here. However it needs to go with Magisk v20. Could I apply this?]