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  1. MULTI

    Is there any xposed version compatible with this rom? I tried to install it but I got a boot loop so I had to uninstall...
  2. MULTI

    Hi, I instaled this rom today, everything seems to work fine so far. Too bad there is no double tap to wake though. I'm unable to install the HTC camera app you linked to in the first post it always says something like "there was an error while analyzing the package" (this was translated from portuguese so the english version of this error might be slightly different), do you know what is wrong?
  3. Can somebody check if the gyroscope is fixed?
  4. MULTI

    Hey @BB72TT I use your rom in my phone since I bought it, it's the best in my opinion. Are you going to release the 17s rom? Also is there a way to get the sleep by touching the upper right corner (clock) back?
  5. MULTI

    I have the same problem with screenshots.
  6. On 15s the back microphone (above rear camera) is working, it wasn't on the previous versions. You probably have a faulty or disconnected back microphone.
  7. I just noticed the back microphone is finally working on 15s and sound quality is good now
  8. I just noticed the back microphone is finally working on 15s and sound quality is good now
  9. Isn't it too sensitive?
  10. Mine has x608 written on the back cover. Not sure if there is any difference though.
  11. MULTI

    Happened to me too, I was able to fix it by cleaning it's cache and rebooting. I wish I could install the version that was installed on 13s...
  12. Hi, I can't find AC networks with my phone. I'm using 15s, didn't work on 13s either but it worked on some other version which I don't remember right now. Is there any fix for this? Best regards
  13. MULTI

    Im having some problems with this rom. No app is able to vibrate for some reason, tried textra, whatsapp, bluemail and an alarm clock app and none is able to vibrate. Also I can't find my AC 5GHz network...
  14. MULTI

    Is it possible to install the dolby atmos app from 13s? This new app seems to make very little effect.
  15. I don't even have this phone, just downloaded the rom and uploaded the file for you since you seem desperate... I hope it's the file you need. auth_sv5.auth