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  1. Android 7

    Can you do patch for x620 no pro version with camera? Or there is imx230 too?
  2. Android 7

    tried< don't work
  3. Android 7

    Doesn't help
  4. Android 7

    Any ideas on the camera?
  5. Android 7

    i tried to reinstall zip, with all wipes and it's good
  6. Android 7

    and autopilote mode works very bad
  7. Android 7

    Immediately after the reboot the SIM card works, but a little later falls off
  8. Android 7

    https://github.com/LineageOS/android_device_leeco_s2/tree/cm-14.1/camera Did you try with this drivers?
  9. Android 7

    Sources ? Lay out the source code for the githab
  10. The screenshot shows that there is an archive for both x620
  11. how to off screen temperature?