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Pruthvi Rathod

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  1. AOSP

    Use Xposed Additions...works best.....no delay (Like in Xposed Edge) after pressing button of your choice to perform action of your choice.
  2. AOSP

    Yes ...Same here dude....I m confused.....Someone please do a detailed statistics Also @Kangburra what exactly do you mean by new modems?
  3. AOSP

    For me v199 has the best battery life...Launcher is better .....Everything is better....
  4. AOSP

    Nope it is as it was since flash
  5. AOSP

    One more bug ....The volume down button doesn't lower the volume at the main screen (or menu screen) [not talking about lockscreen] but the backlit lits up as I press it (my button is functioning well). Will keep testing ...Just some.minor bugs .Else everything is ok.
  6. AOSP

    One more bug.... The MiraVison has a bug. The dynamic contrast feature stays on even after disabling it. It's very annoying just remember to fix it in the next update whenever you upload it. Cheers love your work....Will keep testing dedicatedly.
  7. AOSP

    A question to all our testers.... @laikexpert @chechapet @graineeg @pete80pro @Kangburra In terms of battery which is the best of all the AOSPs and Lineages ?( AOSP by Kang / Lineage by Kang / AOSP by Pete / Lineage by graineeg / ....) Also thanking everyone to make x620 x625 user's life a bit easier Also Kang is this AOSP ROM ported from stock ? Or are you making it on your own? Also this rom's charging speed is a problem it's very slow(bottom of the screenshot). Just check that once. Thank you.
  8. AOSP

    Been using this ROM for a while now....Everything is good. For battery concerned users....It's awesome and charging speed is flawless. @Kangburrastill need to add many options(screenshot)thanking you for this hardwork we all as a team will once finish this project and use our phones peacefully
  9. MULTI

    I have a serious problem with this rom....Phone does t automatically sleep after I lock it by pressing power button(screen off)....It stays awake all the time draining my battery.(screenshot) Things I already tried, Reflashing rom (clean flash) Deleting all apps, Searching for wakelocks by the warlock detected app (screenshot)(tried disabling type app and push) Tried the sleep mod in this forum by BB72 Other wakelock apps... Greenify This causes too much battery drain when phone idle( screen off ) NOTHING WORKS!! Please help.