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  1. what about fingerprint?
  2. you have to install twrp before.
  3. no there are no bugs. Using 18s for month now. You dont need the official updates of this phone. There will probably be no major changes to this phone any more.
  4. would be nice to know
  5. Thies rom is awsome. The only Problem ist the battery drain. Did you notice heavy drain?
  6. well at least everything except fingerprint is working which is great. The 7.1.1 is very buggy. Go to the xda forum and read my posts. Cam / Fingerprint / Sound is bugged.
  7. Did you install the cm13? The 7.1.1 version is bugged. I already tested it! Don't install the lineage version
  8. Is this version rootable? Does it include the new UI interface 5.9 or is it still the old one like in 20S ROM?
  9. Thanks. What are the changes? @spzjulien.supercowz you gonna make a light fw of this?
  10. Try lspeed. Helped me. Enable all network settings in lspeed.
  11. it is you sim pin?
  12. probably never. There is a port on xda but it has tons of bugs for now.
  13. Its booting properly on my devide. But it has a lot! realy a lot of anoying bugs!
  14. Does The camera flash Work?
  15. Did you get that Rom from a russian forum or did you do it your self?