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  1. Download Mega Source Translate English 14-41-45-134728nsmmwmppgp8wm8lw.png (155.02 KB, Downloads: 0) 14-41-57-134730nz4ggtqjssts3t2g.png (31.57 KB, Downloads: 0) 14-41-51-134730ysqfsk9qjk8n9jk0.png (71.92 KB, Downloads: 0)
  2. nova launcher perfect i desing pixel launcher
  3. rom wonderfull, i like it battery great. thank u
  4. hi first 23s install -> restart sytem twrp -> waiting open phone and no setup wizard complete again restart twrp and install brush pack after restart finish
  5. Download Translate Basic Information Applicable models Music 2 Release date 2017- Forum support Http://bbs.ydss.cn reproduced please consciously indicate the source! BUG submitted Any BUG feedback and suggestions, welcome to the form of comments submitted to this post! Preface [First]: I use their own habits, it can not meet the preferences of most friends, so you can brush, do not like also thank the attention! I use the top REC and brush many times, the script no problem ============================ ★ feedback : http: // pan .baidu.com / s / 1eREq0ee ========================= or in the way of comments written below to facilitate you and I can be intuitive To see ROM introduction -------------------------------------------------- -------- Thanks to the big bottom package Team exclusive transplant production, prohibited reference extraction! Two desktop styles The feedback on the oil is updated as follows: Increase the temperature of the forced shutdown of the phone Double line speed display The flashlight can be set to advanced settings Modify the key vibration logic Optimize the fingerprint code Optimize the camera, I test everything is normal, if there is Caton, clear the background can be Optimize remote controller initialization failure MZ suspension ball, pull down more convenient IOS animation Advanced settings update Mainly maintain official stability Promotions can be uninstalled by the re manager After testing, ROOT authority is normal Percentage of electricity displayed Dolby Freeze unloading CPU content Advanced settings are implemented using code, not bundled with a large number of apk Dat format brush machine, better authority Pull down the lunar display Optimize init.d permissions Integrated busybox instruction set Past Update: - Advanced settings, misappropriation! Screen assistant Strong unloading Power menu CPU parameter settings, control of heat, manual control core Go directly to the developer option Time to stay in the next period to add Self-opening management Status bar advanced settings Slide brightness adjustment Shake set Please click on the specific function It is so simple, brush into the experience ___________________________________________________________________________ 【Note】 1. Brush before, please back up your own Nvram partition, whether you brush what package, brush who package! 3 . Built a small promotion software, you can uninstall unwanted, can not accept the promotion, please do not brush! The | ·· Other optimization: | ·· developer / close animation & open Gpu Rendering & background process limit is not more than 4 | ·· I fix bug, are driven by one investigation, with time-consuming effort, to apply please indicate the party! Otherwise it is found that the depth of investigation___________________________________________________________________________
  6. yeah ! good rom but battery not good. bb72 18S battery very good friend.
  7. v4 notification panel expandable ? what stage is right now miui v4 ?
  8. Ohh... okey, i will wait !
  9. when uploading friend ?