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  1. Really very good rom Tora33 !! It's the first 26s with this Thanks
  2. Hi Tora33 ! Today i broke my screen glass on my X720 and now nit working my soft key :(( have you some trick for install a virtual key with root ? I find something in play store but not working good . Thanks
  3. I installed your rom and it's very good like all your rom but i want to change the status bar because i don't like the network status in the left angle
  4. I can't install this rom because TWRP locking on start .. where it's the problem ? I tried with wipe all (S, D, C ) and i tried without wipe nothing . I have the same problem . I think the TWRP it's not 'good"
  5. Hi #Tora33 you are alive ? How can disactivate automatic themes change on your #26s ? I downloaded some new themes but change automatically and return on the original ?!
  6. Now i have 26s , most wipie system too ?
  7. With tha last MIUI i have a problem "phone.android.com" not working and can't try that bulid. Now i will try this
  8. This flyme working on Android 6 ? Remote control working ? Tk
  9. Launcher crash when add on home screen any sites ... Have some solution
  10. Beautiful the Vertu screen animations . You making a very good job
  11. I tried with Carrier picker but still going in automatic . In my zone i have bad signal on 4g and i prefer to use only 3g
  12. Hi . how can have manual network choice on 26s(example : only 3G , 2G or 4G) like in the 23s? Thanks Here on 26s working only automatic 4G-3G-2G
  13. Very strange ... Try a bulid with android 6 , make sure it's for your phone because this problems appears when install a wrong bulid This it's LineageOs for your phone https://download.lineageos.org/zl1 But personally i find the 26s by #Tora33 the most stable and better bulid for #LePro3 #X720
  14. I have the the same version !? But not working in English . I will extract this app on your old 23s and install here on 26s
  15. Hi Tora33 , in the 23s have translated language this