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  1. Thank you for your help, but my phone seems to work differently than yours. I've locked the apps too, but it's still random... sometimes it does notificate, some it doesn't, sometimes apps even drop the background connection. I followed your instructions about changing the launcher, but the result was a black screen. Then, I managed to open Nova Launcher from TaskManager, but if I press the home gomb, black screen is the result again (as there were no launcher). And I still can't set default home app.... so this ROM's kinda annyoying me, but OK, i know it's a beta, but still, it's like I lost my phone. But it's just temporary, the public beta must fix all these things.
  2. I have noticed another bug: Location only works via GPS, it can't use wifi and mobile networks. So I know this was my fault that I flashed this to my cool1 but it's made my phone almost totally unusable for my purposes. I really hope Coolpad is going to fix these issues asap. Closed beta session ends on 9th June, is there a possibility that they publish another closed beta until that time where they fix these?
  3. The instructions on 4pda are quite obvious and easy. (With Google translator) I don't want to be rude but you may not want to flash your phone if you can't follow them.
  4. I am talking about FB Messenger. (but it's true for every app) But sometimes messages come, sometimes do not. My first step was to whitelist Messenger, but it seems to have no effect (in my case). In most cases it refreshes the messages only when I enter the program. That is the most annoying thing that I could experience in a smartphone. I don't know why I experience huge battery drain. I did clean install and I have c106 just like you. It's not even close to your SOT. Mine can do 2-3hours in 50%.
  5. MULTI

    I tried this ROM a while ago. Everything worked for me, except it had spywares, so I got rid of this so fast. .
  6. I have installed this ROM, and I do not recommend to anyone! It's slow, push notifications almost never work, sometimes I even don't receive messages when I am using the phone! It has agressive RAM management too, but still consumes all the RAM... so it's a trainwreck so far! In addition, the launcher cannot be changed, which wouldn't be a problem, it the stock laucher were OK, but it's not! It's some bad MIUI-copy. Also, battery draining is bad. I am really sad that his ROM has ruined the phone because can't be reverted to EUI or any other ROM......... And I didn't mention the chinese bloatwares. Very bad ROM, very very bad unfortunately..... We can only hope Coolpad will develop this further, cause it's very bad in this stage. I know it may be a beta, but I've used many-many user-made alpha ROMs in the past so far in my Android phones, but this is the worst, and it is official, if it it's true..