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  1. There's not much reaction at ydss forum. We'll have to wait for Anyr's comment. I'm not very optimistic. They may be fishing for a kamikaze.
  2. After 5 years of following (sometimes participating) china forums, you'd easily understand 80% of messages. Through chrome/google translate, of course.
  3. Anyr You say you flashed (brush) Max 2 rom on x722 ??? I see at YDSS forum that 李龙飞19920126 reported successful flashing (brush). http://bbs.ydss.cn/forum.php?mod=redirect&goto=findpost&ptid=1050444&pid=32052267 Which Max2 rom you use?
  4. Leeco/LeTV has at least 20 different models. There is 4 official India models plus few 2-3 US models among them. Le Max x900 Le Max 2 x820 Le Max 3 Le Pro 3 x720, x722, x727, x728 Le Pro 3 AI Le Max Pro x910 Le 2 x520, x526, x527, x620 Le S3 x522, x622, x626 Le 1 Pro x800 Le 2 Pro x620, x625 Le S1 x500, X501 Le 1 x600, x608 Cool phones are from Coolpad actually. They have Leeco UI though.
  5. You bought a China brand phone for China market. Banggood sold it with added languages and most of China specific apps removed. Leeco has EUI user interface and there was never EUI with "international support" for majority of Leeco phone models. Chinese customers do not use Google apps (well, I guess 99% of them don't). They do not need Google apps. x727 and x720 have essentially different CPU's which makes it almost impossible to port roms. Next time please do some research before shopping
  6. Don't know about safetynet but you have stock recovery and you can flash dev rom or banggood rom if something goes wrong. Just don't flash 026s rom and you are pretty safe.
  7. Banggood recently listed 6/64GB x722 at presale. In description - there is Android 7.1.1 !!! https://m.banggood.com/LeTV-Leeco-Le-Pro-3-Elite-X722-5_5-inch-6GB-RAM-64GB-ROM-Snapdragon-820-Quad-core-4G-Smartphone-p-1211056.html
  8. There is more to choose, just scroll the list downwards.
  9. Few more phrases (with translations) to use while searching: 乐Pro3精英版 - Leeco Pro3 Elite Edition 乐视X722 - Leeco X722 乐Pro3线刷救砖 - Leeco Pro3 line flashing to save from brick 乐Pro3精英版线刷救砖 - Leeco Pro3 Elite version of the line flashing to save from brick QFIL升级包 - QFIL upgrade package
  10. x722 stock recovery - great news! Tnx F.J.V!
  11. Just for the test, I started download, it goes about 1.4 MB/s with IDM. It's not dead. Anyway, please delete this and few previous messages. It's not relevant for this topic.
  12. It is still available from leeco download website: http://g3.letv.cn/253/35/73/scmauto/0/dailybuild/ota/170703/175448/LE_ZL0_LEX722-CN-FN-WIXCNFN5902607031S-5.9.026S.zip But better not to download it since it makes more evil than good
  13. Conclusion - don't flash 026s from x720 twrp or x720 stock recovery. It may be good thing to remove that x720 stock recovery from this topic. It could kill few more phones.
  14. Tora33 - sorry to hear that. Batyan may be right - when on 026s you can flash 001D dev rom through stock recovery. That should go fine. It seems that stock x720 recovery made the problem. Zupy told me that he has this twrp message before boot: "disable stock recovery replace during system boot". Does this mean that twrp backup may save the stock recovery partition?
  15. Correct. It is some bastard vendor rom. Build 020 belongs to the previous EUI release - v5.8. That is bangood rom, cleaned from china apps, multilang., with google apps. It probably has twrp and you shouldn't flash stock 026 over it.