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  1. http://tars-lepro3.blogspot.com.es/2016/12/tars-19s-usa-version-para-x720.html
  2. I´m sorry, my friend. I sold out my X900 two months ago :-(
  3. Official web site: http://bbs.le.com//zt/eui/le_max2.html
  4. MULTI

    Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_pz-VTEZ1hiOEFLVGFwbEE0SkE/view?usp=sharing
  5. No, ffboy build this code. TeaMSpain customized this ROM.
  6. Not exactly. It´s the same based off, developed by ffboy. And TeaMSpain only make a "friendly" compilation more easy for outside chinese people ffboy isn´t a member of TeaMSpain, but we are proud if he wants to enter into this group.
  7. ffboy it´s a developer that made first CM13 compilation. We use it and developed CM13 TeaMSpaiN. And now, there is several developers that it´s using. This is good, so we can enjoy several ROMS . This morning I check new CM13 from ffboy and IR, slow motion don´t work either.
  8. It´s a port of CM13 TeaMSpain with several apps to chinese people. Today ffboy released a new CM13 with some improvents, search it in XDA ;-). Buy still with problems, no IR, no Slow motion, no lost calls... If LeEco don´t free source kernel code, are very difficult solve this issues.
  9. Sorry, only have LeMax2 X820 :-(
  10. Are you sure?. I installed several times and never encrypted DATA. Indian 16s it´s encrypted, but USA version I think not...
  11. I didn´t find changelog, but fingerprint now it´s more faster.
  12. No, sorry. It´s only a stock ROM, I not developed it.
  13. There is several tutorials, but all the ROMs have the same installation from TWRP. First make wipe and after install ROM.
  14. No, no encryptions problems in this ROM. No problem in translation, but only english and spanish. For install it, before install TWRP TeaMSpaiN and then install ROM as usual, with wipes.