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  1. hello this is the best miui for lepro3? how do the notifications go ??? miui usually has problems ... what is the latest version ???
  2. this theme is wonderful for me.... only for flyme???
  3. yes i have a problem driver with win10
  4. in fastboot "waiting device" in recovery with adb device it's ok
  5. The backup unfortunately went off along with all the rest of the phone The first link does not work refer to this page
  6. is changed recovery with 3.1 in chinese is a problem??? which file system??? helpppppp
  7. Hi, Today I have tried so many rom And of course I did a disaster I have the boot loop phone on the first logo I tried flassh the rom either with adb sideload or usb otg The flash is fine But then the phone does not always start the same boot loop If control with the recovery and filemanager seems to have not written anything on the phone
  8. Woow thankyou Flash from recovery ?
  9. Hi I have a backup with twrp But when i restore my backup fingerprint and sequence to unlock write error I don't use restoreeeeee !!!!! Help I test with 2 backup Thankyou
  10. on xiaomi mi5s theme and app for theme are in english
  11. Hi I install this MIUI Very very wonderful but many many app in chinese Thank youuuu
  12. Hi I test this ROM but when start for first boot the app mi cloud go to loop crash. I test with or without register account....same result Loop crash Help thank you
  13. ok thank's thank you ...sorry there is a mirror??? with mega i have a problem
  14. ok thank's but miui 8?? in first post 7.5