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  1. I solved it by installing this ROM "6) 26sX800_tora33 , with extra settings download" instead of " 7) New X800_26s_stable_7621_tota33 , with LeEco settings and New advanced settings , download discussion ,here".
  2. gps

    Did someone solve this problem? My devices sees 19 satellites but in use are 0, according to the GPS test app. I already copied gps config file and changed permissions as somebody posted above but still no location found... I am using EUI 5.9.026s ROM. HELP!
  3. Thank you sir!It worked, I have 24 GB of memory again! I instaled TWRP recovery, flashed letv google and SuperSU but when I flash the ROM (I tried with several different ROMs) phone reboots, shows LeEco logo for a moment and turns on to fastboot (penguin) right away. It doesn't boot the system... Am I doing something wrong? What could be the problem?
  4. Hi, After I unbricked my x800 CN with QFIL (thanks to tora33 post) my storage lowered from 32GB to only 9.4GB. Can someone help me how to restore it? Cheers!
  5. Hi tora33, I can't download file, it's no longer available. Can you or someone here give me a valid link please. Thanks!