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  1. AOSP

    android 6.0 or 7.0? does it has any bug? and this is for leeco X620?
  2. AOSP

    hows the battery life on this rom?? can u upload some other pict?
  3. im running on 5.9 26s since ive got official update on 26 June,from 5.9.23 s to 5.9.26s , the update was about 2.3 giga in this new update i have app drawer,new phone menager,battery improvements
  4. hi,how can i install this ro. to my x620? right now i hv official 5.9.026 update , can i install as a Local Update , i mean to download the rom and then rename it update.zip or i need to flash it? and hows the battery life on this rom? regards
  5. can anyone upload some screenshot of the rom?? and hows the battery life,does it has included Google apps???
  6. 2 hours???!
  7. may i know hows battery life on this and it has Google apps installed? what about the press touch,does it works???
  8. does this Rom works for Le2 x620? and hows the battery life??? what about any bugs that it might have,and does it have included the Gapps??? please let me know as im tired waiting for Leeco to release Adroid Nougat
  9. may i know hows the battery life on this rom? currently im using eui 5.9.026 and the battery goes me 14hr with 1 charge and 4hr on screen but it says most of the time,google play services has stopped,and is getting really bored so with this rom google integration,hows the battery life,can u add some nore screenshots,regards!
  10. when will be release and does it have press toch inbuild?