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  1. I really appreciate you helping me out here, I have tried almost all root apk that is out there, I might have missed one that works, if you know any that really roots it let me know. TKS!
  2. That's the thing, PC won't recognize the phone. So no ADB connection.
  3. You need root to install and make it work.
  4. It gets to stock recovery.
  5. That's the point, I can't connect to flash twrp.
  6. Which recovery do you use? Stock? Twrp?
  7. Recently I've been trying different roms but mainly based on stock. From the last time I have not been able to get my verification code to restore from previous back up. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  8. Thanks but I don't really get what I'm supposed to do here. Could you explain better?
  9. Thanks but the thing is, I can't connect to PC, it has to be without PC. It does connect but it won't recognize.
  10. Suddenly my Lepro 3 won't get recognized by the PC, it charges but nothing happens and OTG is not working either. Any ideas that could help me? I'm on the lastest 26, other than that it is working fine, except that I can't root or do anything that would require trwp. Rooting would be already something, v has anyone been able to root without a PC? Bootloader seems unlocked. Thanks for any help!