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  1. I don't understand what is the problem in this photo.
  2. TWRP

    Thank's, I prefer the default skin :-)
  3. Very nice! I will check it!
  4. Is GrissoShop ROM deferent than bb72 ROM?
  5. Anyone else find the speaker to be very low volume?
  6. You can also inspect and remove any usb driver in windows with USBDeview.
  7. I managed to flash my device with older MiFlash version.
  8. MULTI

    Hello, Which version of xposed I need to install? I tried v87 arm64 sdk 23 and stuck in the reboot logo. It solved: just wait at least ten minutes or wipe data.
  9. Thank you, but it still unknown source beta, I will wait to the official release.
  10. dilnix

    I just saw you are testing 20s, hope to hear about the changes soon :-)
  11. Eui le1

    Any one installed? I got error 6 when I try without full wipe.
  12. I have a phone in the way and I'm very interesting to know: 1. Is there any fast-charge actual support? 2. If any checked - what are the Volt and Amp while charging? 3. What are the best charging time you get? Thanks a lot.
  13. dilnix

    I will try to move to system some app to check, Great idea.
  14. How do and where do you find parts? I need WiFi and BT antennas as I broke them by mistake :-(