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  1. I can't download, anyone can upload to Google Drive or any other site?
  2. I have the same experience. I also tried EUI 5.9 and have problem with gapps. How do you use magisk and for which purpose?
  3. There is some option to revert back to EMUI, as I saw in 4PDA forum.
  4. You need this file: http://dl-xda.xposed.info/framework/sdk23/arm64/xposed-v87-sdk23-arm64.zip
  5. 1. Download Viper4Android zip file: http://www.mediafire.com/file/xonl4jha2e4vez1/ViPER4Android_FX_v2505.zip 2. Extarct the zip file and install the right apk file. 3. Download this script file: https://mail.google.com/mail/ca/u/0/?ui=2&view=btop&ver=w3ezm0httfj8#attid%3Datt_15c9d817e1771fc5_0.2 that change the SELinux mode to permissive each boot. 4. Copy the script file to /su/su.d directory with any Root file manager (I'm using FX file manager, but the root plugins is not free, you can use Total Comander for free - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ghisler.android.TotalCommander&rdid=com.ghisler.android.TotalCommander). 5. Set the script file permission to 755 - touch and hold the file to open menu and then chose "Properties" and in this window click on the "Permissions". 6. Open Viper4Android app, grant Root access and install the driver by "Yes", wait until the app done (it's freeze for awhile), and then reboot the device. 7. Now set in Viper4Android the Phone Speaker tab to Master Power to On, eXtra Loud to On, and then click on eXtra Loud to set the desire amount of the effect.
  6. No, only fingerprint screen on.
  7. Same here.
  8. Good news!
  9. Does not work over BB72 Indian ROM
  10. Thank you!
  11. Which version of Dolby Atmos? 6.5 from XDA? Which version of Viper4Android? Can you please write the steps you did for all of us?
  12. Is there root in this ROM? Also, is it removed e TWRP and replace it with stock recovery? Thank you.
  13. MULTI

    Hello BB72TT, do you plan to release an update to your Cool1 ROM based on the new 18s stock, thank you!