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  1. Hi, Tora33, I've install the d) "pro3_26s_stable_magiskRoot_tora33" What do you think is better to do: 1. download the rom you told me ? 2. uninstall supersu and Xposed ? Thanks !!
  2. Thanks tora33 I've managed to make it work but through installing a backup XXX after installing that, I was stuck on X277 ... and after several time of flashing your rom i was finnaly able to bot normaly !! I'm on Linux so quiet complicated to sideload Though I've some question: - For root the rom I used Supersu (flashing through TWRP, Is that correct ? - I've install Xposed manualy but in "your" Advanced settings under Xposedinstallation it still tell me to install it ??? - In the LeEco Stetting under Ad Blocker it just freeze my screen, even waiting a long time nothing happens .... why ?? (before installe Supersu and Xposed it was working fine ! Is that the reason ?? - My play store always send me error messages, I've already tried to wipe date and cache in app setting - I've download Magisk (zip file) I've tried to install it through TWRP but I got an error message ?? what should I do ?? Other wise I'm pretty happy with the rom Antutu score almost 154K Happy Saturday
  3. Hi, I've a problem, could somebody help me I've been trying to flash this: New pro3_26s_stable_magiskRoot_tora33 But now when I reboot my phone is stuck on the LeEco Logo (this one with Chinese characters) I already tried wiping ... What should I do ? or what do I do wrong ?? Thanks in advance Cheers from Bolivia PS. I've noticed that : when it's flashing the rom, it takes about 10 second (not much more) it goes from 24 % to 99 % in 1 sec ...