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  1. Hey! So had my le max 2 almost 1.5 years and it's been the best phone I've had, really impressed. Anyways the fingerprint scanner stopped working so tried different updates etc but it is the scanner itself. Thought I'd have a go at the le pro 3 ultimate (x722) as the future of the company seems unstable and I don't wanna wait for the le max 3 anymore. Have updated the phone to 5.9.026S_07031 but I think the phone is slower at multitasking, battery consumption is worse than on the le max 2. Also pictures are good but it takes forever for the HDR to take a picture and without it color saturation erc is way off, things come up in a red tone and blurry, taking pictures of animals sucks and pictures in general is hard if not everything is completely still... Am I missing some update or something? Is there anyway to get the phone working better or should I just sell it and go back to my le max 2?